8 Common Breast Shapes and the Best Bra for your Shape

Deflated Breasts

We are living things, and as we progress through the different stages of life, our bodies tend to undergo some physical changes such as aging, loss of weight, and many others. Some women start having deflated breasts once they are done breastfeeding, which is very typical.

Your boobs no longer have the volume they used to have, and the cleavage may look long and pointing downwards. This shouldn’t make you feel bad or even less confident. You need to find bras that will gather your boobs together and push them upwards. Two types of bras are good at doing that.

Plunge Bras

They look like a plunging V-neckline in the front. They will give you half coverage or ¾ coverage because the cups are shorter in height. I am sure you have come across these bras in the stores but didn’t know which breast shape should wear them. They can make your breasts look lifted and give you a naturally fuller and rounded look.

Pushup Bras

Since they have a thicker bottom and lighter top, your boobs will be pushed up and have a fuller and rounder look, making them appear packed. This is a must-have bra to give your deflated breasts the boost they need. Kris Jenner Kardashian has deflated boobs, and she has invested in push-up bras which make her look perfect.

If you wear more cleavage, you can use thicker paddings, but remember, the less breathable they are. The positioning of your padding is even more critical than the padding.

Instead of paddings, wear nubras. They are the best to create the cleavage you want because you can stick the numbers at the best position, that is, under your boobs, and they will be pushed up and towards the center, giving maximum cleavage and lifting.

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