7 Best Petite Style of All Time from Your Favorite Short Actresses

Being petite often times makes it harder to find the size and style to fit you.  However, I’m sure you have noticed there is plenty of short actresses in Hollywood who are under 5’4″ but still looks stunning on or off red carpet.  What is their secrets?

Some of these short celebrities are lucky to be born with easy-to-dress proportions. Even though they are under 5’4″, their torso is shorter and legs are longer, which means they can easily create the illusion of height when they are on the screen.   If you have never met these short actresses in person, there is no way you can tell how tall they actually are.

Crop top + high waisted bottom

A crop top plus a high waisted skirt or a pair of high rise jeans is an effortless look that every petite girl can pull off with their existing wardrobe.  This simple look doesn’t take too much styling, but it is very flattering to petite woman.  The crop top makes your torso look shorter, and the high waisted bottom effectively elongates your legs, thus the combination doubles the power to make you look taller.  This look is very versatile and can be worn at any occasion.

A cropped off the shoulder top plus a high waisted skirt is a perfect look for a date night, but it can also be a very causal look for the beach or resort, or even just for running errands around town.  Even if you are just going to the gym or the grocery store on weekends, throw on a cropped shirt plus a high waisted jeans will make an easy outfit but also make you feel chic.

This petite style is constantly seen on short actresses especially Kim Kardashian.  Whether or not you like her reality TV show, Kim Kardashian is on our list of best dressed short actresses because she always pulls the most chic petite style looks whether she is on the red carpet, walking out of a grocery market or holding her baby on the street.

Maxi dress

The Bohemian style has been such a darling of fashion for many years, and there is no sign that it will fade off any time soon.  One of the signature looks is maxi dresses, especially floral maxi dresses.  In the summer time when you are hanging on the beach or by the pool, nothing seems to be better than a flowy and sexy maxi dress.

When you are packing for vacation at a resort, maxi dresses are the no brainer as they are so light and easy to care for.   Sure, most stylists advise us to go with short skirts, if we want our legs to look longer.  That is true to some degree.  Wearing a short dress above or at the knee is one of the most obvious ways to lengthen our legs and look taller than we are.  However, wearing a long dress is another way of effectively extending our frame and thus could be very flattering to petite girls.

The reason is creating length in our outfit is one of the key factors in styling short girls, which can be achieved through creating a column of colors. Because of its continuous color and pattern, maxi dress can effectively elongate your body frame. Therefore, wearing maxi dress the right way will actually make a short girl look taller. We have seen this look on many short actresses, especially in resort pictures.

Nicole Richie is the master of Bohemian style of all short actresses, and she sets a perfect example of how petite women can totally rock this look.

Short print dress

A short dress is a timeless classic in petite women’s wardrobe.  How to pick the print that will flatter the petite body frame remains an art and a skill.  While some say that petite women should only wear small prints, others have tried it out and proved that rules can be broken.  We do believe you should try any print you love, but the key is it should be proportional to your body frame.  The general guidance is the print should not be bigger than the fist, if you are petite.

Since petite women have smaller body frame, you want to make sure you do not look swamped by the prints.  Of all the short actresses, Reese Witherspoon is the master of this style.  In one interview, this southern girl from Georgia mentioned black is only for funerals where she grew up, thus wearing colorful clothing is the most natural thing for her to do.  Her love of print dresses is also manifested by her own clothing brand Draper James, which has plenty of preppy southern style short dresses with pretty prints.

Fitted crop jacket + shorts

A well fitted jacket hitting a couple of inches below your natural waistline is the most flattering outwear for petite women.  Paired with short shorts, this petite style look will make your proportion look better and legs look longer.  Mila Kunis is one of the best dressed short actresses to pull this look and sets a perfect example of how to effectively use the length of jackets and shorts to optimize the proportion of petite body frame.  If you want your legs to look longer, you should wear ¾ sleeves.  If you have very short legs, wear ½ sleeves.  You could also apply the rule of monochromatic dressing by wearing similar color of jacket and shorts- they do not have to be the same exact color, but monochromatic means are from the same hue but just of different shades.

Fitted long pants+ stiletto

Well fitted long pants can effectively elongate the petite body frame and make your legs look longer.  Pairing them with slender high heels will double that effect of lengthening.  The most flattering pants style is high waisted pants, which raise focus point to above your natural waist line and create the illusion of height.  As a style icon of the short actresses, Victoria Beckham has rocked many different stunning looks and her style is simple and sleek.  One of  her signature looks is wearing long pants with stiletto.

Skinny Jeans+ OTK boots

This is one of our favorite looks on short actresses especially in the winter times.  Over the knee boots is the best pal of skinny jeans when the weather gets cold.  This look is super flattering to petite women as the over the knee design just officially adds several inches to your legs.  The OTK boots can be low or medium heels, and still achieve the lengthening and elongating result.  If you want the maximum benefit of the OTK boots, go with pointed toe style high heel OTK.

Standing under 5 feet, Mira Duma has rocked this petite style in many different occasions.

Jumpsuits + Heels

Jumpsuit has been so trendy in recent years that you see it everywhere.  Jessica Alba was wearing a black wool Emilio Pucci jumpsuit, Miranda Kerr was in a floral print jumpsuit, and Kate Hudson was in Roland Mouret jumpsuit… You name it.  It seems like overnight jumpsuit had become the go to outfit for Hollywood A listers, and they are worn in cocktail parties, at charity events and even on the red carpet.

We have seen a few short celebrities such as Mira Duma (5′), Kim Kardashian (5’3”) and Scarlett Johansson (5’3”) wearing petite jumpsuit, so that means it is possible for petite women to pull it off.  If worn correctly, jumpsuit can really elongate the petite body frame and be one of the most flattering pieces in your wardrobe.

short actresses

Petite styling tips to create the best proportion for your body

Coco Chanel once said “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions”.   Proportion is the framework with which we build our outfits, consciously or not. And the relative proportion of color or design elements can make or break a look. The most important factor about petite styling is center around how to create the best proportion.

According to Leonardo Da Vinci, humans are approximately 8 head lengths tall. A lot of runway models are blessed with 9 head lengths. As a petite girl, you are likely to be less than 8 head lengths.  But, that doesn’t mean you cannot style your outfit to make your proportion look better.

We have all heard of golden mean proportions.  When it comes to garment length, 1:2 is the ideal ratio for petite fashion, really, of any height and body type. That is, if you wear full length top, match it with a short skirt half of its length, which is a 2/3 to 1/3 relationship.  A long thick sweater paired with short skirt made from thicker fabrics such as wool or leather is a perfect choice for this fall and winter.

If you wear a longer skirt, make sure to wear a short top, or tuck in your top, to create a look of 1 to 2 ratio. Both A line midi skirt or pencil skirt works very well, when you match them with short or cropped tops.

A line midi skirt creates volume and adds more presence, so it is ideal for petite styling. They also have a willowy effect, so they are quite feminine.

Pencil skirt never goes out of style, and they are one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. They fit any occasion, from office to parties. For petite girls, the key is to match it with a well fitted blouse, tucked in. In addition, make sure the skirt does not go below your knees, so that the length from your knees to your feet is about 1/3 of your total height.

The easiest way to improve your proportion is by wearing petite dresses or petite jumpsuits with self tie belt.  Make sure the belt sits higher than your natural waist, which will make your legs look longer.

8 Best Jeans to Make you look Thinner

When it comes to jeans, there are so many varieties in terms of leg shape, rise and styles. Different jeans can give you totally different look, and some jeans have a better slimming effect than others.

If your goal is to look thinner in your jeans, here is the best options when you are searching for your next pair.

Black Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans got a bit of a bad rap from TikTok last year, but they still hold the spot as one of the more wearable, classic styles of denim available to us. Regardless of what the TikTokers are saying, skinny jeans- more specifically black skinny jeans – can make you look thinner with ease.

To obtain the maximum slimming effect, get a pair of black skinny.

It’s no secret black has always been known as a color that’s slimming when worn – that’s no different when applied to jeans.

Typically, skinny jeans that offer some stretch and fit nicely to the body are going to be the most flattering. Avoid any fits that are TOO snug or bunch in any unflattering areas of the body.

Dark Wash Jeans

jeans that make you look thinner

If black jeans aren’t really for you, or you just want some additional variety. Choosing a super dark wash denim will give you a similar look and keep you in more of a traditional denim color family.

No matter what leg shape you go for, dark wash denim is always one of the most slimming options for women of any body shape.

Straight Leg Jeans

jeans that make you look thinner

Straight leg jeans were pushed to the side for quite some time in the fashion world but have been making a huge comeback. Fortunately, they’re not only trendy but they can make you look thinner.

The main reason straight leg jeans are so slimming is simply because of the, well…straight line that’s established down the leg.

Because straight leg doesn’t have any flaring or tapering within the leg, it’s one solid vertical line. This vertical line elongates the legs, making you look thinner.

A good rule of thumb to make the most of straight leg jeans, when you want to look thinner, is to always stick to either a mid or high rise waistband. Both of these are going to add a little extra length to the body.

Many women really love utilizing straight leg jeans for their slimming effect because they offer a bit more of a roomier fit compared to a skinny jean.

So, if skinny jeans aren’t for you, straight leg may be a better option. Particularly if you have a curvier figure.

Because straight leg jeans are easy to wear and so flattering in their fit, you can really wear any wash of your liking and you’ll achieve a slimmed appearance.

Just be sure, as with any pair of jeans, the fit is right! Nothing that’s too baggy or too snug.

High Rise Jeans

If you want to look more slender, opt for a high rise jeans.

The reason high waisted jeans are one of the best jeans to make you look slender is they typically reach the smallest part of your torso, which can creation the illusion of a smaller waist.

So, if you happen to have a mid section concern (i.e. muffin top), high waisted jeans is not only one of the best options to accommodate the budging stomach, but also can make you look slimmer.

Besides, the high rise will create a lifted effect to the legs, making them look longer.

When your legs look longer you appear taller and thinner – it’s a great by product no matter what kind of jeans you go with!

Skinny Straight Leg Jeans

jeans that make you look thinner

The skinny straight leg jean has been gaining a lot of popularity recently because it’s the perfect hybrid between a straight and skinny pair of jeans, all wrapped up into one. Since both of those styles individually are flattering you can trust that they’re going to do wonders when combined.

Most often you will find skinny straight leg jeans fit more like a skinny jean around the waist and thigh area until around the knee, after the knee instead of tapering in like a traditional skinny jean they have a slightly straighter fit. This straighter fit gives a more relaxed feel to the jeans.

Because skinny straight legs don’t taper in, this is where you’re getting even more of a thinner appearance from them. The tapered leg of a true skinny jean is what can sometimes shorten the leg line.

One of the most common mistakes women make with this particular style of jean is not paying close enough attention to the length. A skinny straight leg pair of jeans shouldn’t be bunching and scrunching around the ankle. If they are – get them hemmed a bit!

When jeans lay flat, as intended, they will be much more flattering. When they do bunch and are too long in length they will typically shorten and widen the appearance of the body. Be sure to pay close attention to the length. Especially if you’re petite.

Bootcut Jeans

The final go-to style of jeans when you want to look thinner is the ever classic bootcut denim. This is a style that’s always come and go in the trend area, but it remains a classic.

Bootcut jeans are a great choice when you want to look thinner, primarily because of the subtle flare at the bottom of the jeans (from the knee down). This silhouette lengthens legs immensely which, as mentioned previously, makes you look taller and thinner.

Dark wash with a mid to high rise fit are typically going to be the most flattering options to select with a bootcut jean. These details can really help you to make the most of the style and ensure you’re achieving the slimming effect to the max potential.

Wear your bootcut jeans with high heels for an additional boost – of course this isn’t mandatory. But it is strongly advised to double check the length.

Caution with Tight Jeans

what body shapes look good in high waisted jeans

If you want to look slimmer, you want to use caution when it comes to jeans that fit tightly to your body.

The reason is tighter jeans, actually tighter anything, can draw more attention to the area which you consider less flattering, therefore making you more self conscious.

This is not to say you should not wear skinny fit altogether, but this means you want to be thoughtful about how to style them.

If your goal is to have a smaller tummy, then make sure your top is long enough to cover your stomach area, which is critical when you wear skinny jeans.

If your goal is to look slimmer in the hips and thighs, then opt for jeans that is not clinging to your hips and thighs.

Avoid Baggy Jeans

what makes you look old

If your goal is to look thinner, you should avoid baggy jeans.

While skin tight jeans can “expose” certain parts of your body, baggy jeans are not particularly flattering for women who want to look more slender.

This is a common mistake we see on many curvy women, especially plus size women.

While it’s tempting to think baggy clothing can “hide” your figure, they can also add a lot of volume to your body and make you look bulkier than you actually are.

How to Look Expensive on a Budget

I hear women always saying they feel limited in their style options due to budget.

The truth is you don’t have to spend a lot in order to look great.

Like anything, it’s all in HOW you go about it.

If you’ve been struggling with this in your own wardrobe, I’m going to share a few of my favorite tips on how to look expensive with inexpensive clothing.

Choose interesting texture

This is one of my secret styling tips when it comes to wearing inexpensive clothes.

Depth = interest and expensive appearance.

When you choose an interesting texture, all of a sudden, a plain piece of clothing can look no longer basic.

Examples of interesting textures are

  • Waffle knit
  • Cable knit
  • Faux fur
  • Faux suede

Mix different textures

Still on the subject of textures. There’s more you can do to make your outfits look more expensive.

Mixing different textures together in one outfit creates a lot of depth in an outfit.

Textures is a tricky area of fashion for many women, so let me explain a bit more to help you visualize what I mean by mixing textures together.

When wearing head-to-toe in the same or very similar textures it tends to emphasize the look of inexpensive clothes…and not in a good way.

Instead, when you mix and match varying textures it often leads to the inexpensive petite clothes appearing much more expensive.

Start with something like a faux leather skirt, something that’s a staple in inexpensive clothing sections. Instead of wearing a matching jacket with the faux leather skirt, mix up the texture and style it with a cable knit sweater like I did.

All of the pieces can be quite affordable, but the texture mix adds so much more style and individuality to create an expensive looking outfit.

There is nothing wrong of wanting to try the most trendy clothes for the season.

However, overdoing trends often leads to the clothes LOOKING like they are inexpensive, because, well, it’s just too much going on with the outfit!

Following trends too much can also make us overspend, as trends come and go each season, and, they never stop.

Having some high quality staple pieces in your wardrobe and mix these seasonal trends can not only make you look classy, but also save you money.

Choose rich looking fabrics

how to look expensive on a budget
Featuring Isabella,

One of the ways to look expensive is to choose the fabrics wisely.

There are fabrics that just look expensive naturally, and you cannot go wrong with them.

Silk is one example.

Fortunately there are plenty of reasonably priced silk clothing nowadays such as Lilysilk that do not cost an arm and leg.

100% silk garment does require more caring and you need to follow the special washing instructions. If that is too much to do for you, you can also opt for satin or silk blend clothing, which typically cost a lot less but has the similar silky look and feel.

One Statement Piece at a Time

leather jacket black jeans outfit
Featuring Carolina,

When putting together an outfit, instead of trying to wear a lot of statement pieces in one outfit, choose one piece to pop and style around it.

For example, if you find a dress in a neon color (a huge trend this season), let that be the focal point of your outfit.

Style the neon dress with a pair of nude color sandals, a white handbag and simple accessories.

Avoid anything flimsy

Often times when purchasing cheap clothes, the fabrics can be what affects the look of them.

Not surprisingly, sometimes the clothes are inexpensive because of the fabrics that are used.

Avoid any clothes that are made with fabrics that look flimsy, thin or see through.

It’s fairly easy to tell if the fabric looks inexpensive.

Stick to fabrics that don’t wrinkle too easily – this is a pretty good indication as to whether or not a fabric looks cheap.

Get alteration

tailor for petite long dresses

If you are petite like me, I’m going to guess you’re pretty familiar with getting clothes altered at this point.

If you’re not, you’re going to want to now!

One of the most crucial tips to look expensive with discounted clothes is to get them altered.

The opposite is also true, no matter how much you spend on a clothing item, if it doesn’t fit you, it will not look expensive!

A lot of times people will avoid altering inexpensive clothes, thinking that it’s not worth the investment on an item that didn’t cost them much to begin with.

However, when you get cheap petite clothes altered, they instantly look much more expensive. Ill-fitting clothes is a giveaway for clothes that are inexpensive.

Not only will the clothes look more expensive but you will feel so much more comfortable wearing them when they fit your body the right way.

Shop your size

how to look expensive on a budget

This may sound too basic.

But, a lot of times we are so tempted by the lower price, we may just ignore our true size and jump on a sale because the price is just irresistible.

“I normally am a size 2, but perhaps a size 4 won’t be too off anyways.” or “Hmmm, I’m usually a size 8, but perhaps I’ll lose a few pounds and fit in a size 6 next summer”?

Sound familiar?

I know I have done that plenty of times myself!

After all, we are all constantly on the hunt for a bargain, aren’t we?

“It’s on sale” is the favorite three words for every woman, but, if you get something that doesn’t really fit you, you will end up not wearing it.

The most expensive clothes is the ones you never wear in your closet, no matter how cheap the price was!

Buy at the right time

Department stores have deepest discounts of the year normally during their end of season sales.

That is great because you are getting the best and lowest price.

To look your best without spending too much, you need to know the best time to buy, especially when it comes to high ticket items such as winter coats!

Here is the biggest sale schedule of some of the most popular retailers.

In addition, always check out the flash sale sites such as Ruelala and Nordstrom Rack.

It is very possible that you will find some nice dresses with name brands made of good quality fabrics.

Wear the right size underwear

cheap petite clothing
Photo: Pexel

Ok so I will admit you should ALWAYS be wearing the right size undergarments, ladies.

But this is even more essential when you’re wearing inexpensive clothes.

Fit is generally one of factors that shows that something is cheap, when we wear the ill-fitting undergarments it further enhances the fact that the clothes may not be the best fit.

More than that, when we wear the wrong undergarments, it can lead to the inexpensive clothes to appearing even worse, if there are panty lines or your bra showing through.

Makes sense, right?

So what this means is the right undergarment fit is an absolute must.

If you haven’t gotten properly fitted in the last year, it’s time to make a trip to get sized and make sure you’re wearing the right undergarment sizes.

Our bodies change often and over time, which is why it’s something that we need to be getting fitted for on a fairly regular basis.

Wear the right type of undergarments

In addition to wearing the right size undergarments, obviously you need to be wearing the right type of undergarments.

Don’t try to just make something work and think it will be good enough.

Since you are on a mission to look expensive in inexpensive clothes, it’s not something to skip or ‘make do.’

I always encourage women to make sure they are building a versatile undergarment wardrobe.

You will likely need different types of bras and underwear for different types of garments.

Take proper care of the clothes

how to care for clothing
Photo: Pexel

I know this may seem obvious, but I see so many women not taking proper care of their clothes, particularly if the clothes did not cost a lot.

Even if you’re not purchasing expensive clothes, you should still take proper care of them.

When we don’t care for our clothes in the right way, it leads to them looking worn and not lasting, in turn making them look inexpensive, in a very short period of time.

Not completely sure HOW to take proper care of your clothes?

For starters, read the care instructions on the clothes.

Most of the time the clothing will come with certain instructions to follow to ensure the right care is done.

Avoid dryer

In general I often find that avoiding a lot of heat with inexpensive clothes is the safest route to go.

When I say avoiding heat I mean in the washer AND drier, use the coolest settings. As much as heat is great to get your clothes dry faster, it wreaks havoc on the fabrics.

Since most most of us have clothing made of fabrics that include synthetic fibers when they are exposed to heat it leads to shrinking and clothes ending up misshaped.

Furthermore, wash/dry your clothes as little as possible.

I know that sounds odd but the more you wash/dry your clothes the more wear and tear they are exposed to. Some garment types don’t necessarily need to be washed and dried after every wear. Determine whether or not you can wear certain pieces a couple times before you put them through a wash cycle to prolong their lifetime.

Using these style hacks on how to look expensive in
inexpensive petite clothes will help you shop on a budget without having to
sacrifice style. Enjoy using these tips and styling inexpensive petite clothes!

Look for the best value vs lowest price

Finally, I wanted to share this with you. This is more like a shopping tip vs styling tip, but I think it is important when we talk about inexpensive petite clothes.

When you are shopping on a budget (most of us are!), you should focus on the best value instead of looking for the lowest price.

There’s several ways to look at this, and there’s quite a bit of misunderstanding regarding what is a good value.

When a piece of expensive designer clothes is on the clearance rack and marked 90% off, does that mean it’s the best value? It could be, but not necessarily.

Here is the key question you should ask: why is it discounted so deeply?

Is it because the color looks too loud?

The design looks too exaggerating?

The fit looks baggy and shapeless?

If that’s the case, you should avoid it even if it’s given out for free!

Please do not tell yourself “but it’s a Versace!” The label means nothing if the garment doesn’t look flattering on you.

On the other hand, if the clothes is on clearance because it is the last few piece left in that size, or because it is soon out of season, however it’s a classic design made with high quality materials, then it’s a no brainer!

If you can wear it for at least a few years, then that’s the best value you can find.

That is the difference of shopping for the value vs the price. If you shop for the best value, the inexpensive petite clothes you buy will never look cheap on you, because they are quality piece to begin with.

How to Find the Most Flattering Winter Dresses for Petites

Whenever we pick an outfit, the first thing we should choose is the silhouette.  Likewise, when it comes to choosing petite dress, we should first pay attention to its shape and cut. A line dresses or sheath dress are the most flatting shape to petite girls.

A perfect petite dress follows the golden ratio, also known as the two thirds rule. That is,  make the dress take 2/3 of your body, and keep 1/3 for knee to ankle.  For example, you would choose a sheath dress with a hemline that cuts off at the knee.  Avoid half half ratio, that is, you should never cut your body off at the middle point, as it will swamp your figure and even look boring in comparison.

Kate Middleton as a new classic fashion icon is frequently seen in fashion magazines, and her sheath dress choices illustrate the perfect proportion for any body type.

Fit and flare dress is another great choice for petite dress, as they creates the illusion of height better than others.

Showing some skin, even in cold winter, is one of the rules of thumb for petite dress.

So, when picking the perfect winter dress, go for a V or U neckline, as they elongate your neck, and makes your proportion look better.  For evening dresses, petites look best in halter neck, deep V necklines, strapless gowns and one-shoulder dresses.  If you are worried about the winter winds, feel free to pair it with a light weighted silky scarf. However, be careful with those bulky long scarves, as they can totally change the proportion.

In addition, the sleeve length you choose can make a big difference to your outfit.  Three quarter length sleeves are universally flattering as they expose the slimmest part of our arms.  Three quarter length shows the right amount of skin, and it balances the proportion created by your legs.

How long your sleeves should be also depends on how comfortable you are with your arms, and the way you’ve split your outfit (this is where you’d use the rule of thirds). If you’re concerned about your upper arms, wearing short sleeves that cut you off at the widest part of the arm should be avoided.

Never underestimate the power of fine fabrics.  For petite girls, it is important to create volume and presence in your outfit. When it comes to winter dresses, nothing does this better than fine woven materials such as wool, cashmere, or a mix.

How to Organize a Closet- the Ultimate Guide

Wondering how to organize a closet? You are at the right place! It’s time for spring cleaning and I’m sure your closet is on the top of the list to be cleaned up.

I have a small closet with LOTS OF clothes! Every year at change of season, I go through the process of organizing my closet and after all these years, I have developed an effective 7 step system to de-clutter the closet and get ready for the new season.

In today’s post, I will walk you through step by step on how to organize your closet, so that you will have a well organized closet not just for this season, but for EVERY season. In fact, if you keep in mind the organization rules, your closet will ALWAYS stay neat and that will save you a ton of work for you going forward. Next time when the season changes, it will be much easier for you.

To make sure you have a well-organized closet, you need to make sure you are using space-saving hangers. For all the organizing tools and space saving hangers I use in these 7 step process, I have put the summary at the end of this post so that you can use exactly what I use.

I have summarized this system in this video. I suggest you watch this video and ALSO read the full article to get all the details on where to get everything you need in order to organize a closet and what are the best space saving hangers you should use.

Step 1 Decide what NOT to keep

This is the step 1.

First things first, in order de-clutter, you need to decide what you do not want to keep. A lot of times, we keep clothing we no longer wear in our closet, and that is the number one reason your closet is cluttered. So, to get ride of that, here is what you should ask yourself in order to decide what you should keep and what you should not keep in your cloest.

When is the last time you wear this?

This is a key indicator of how much you like the clothes! Even though you may not remember exactly when the last you had worn something, but at least ask yourself if you had worn it within the last year.

As you go through your closet, if you see something you have not worn for the last 2 years, that’s a major sign you should consider taking it out of your closet. There is probably a good reason that you have not worn the clothes for such a long time.

Is the style still on trend? Does it needs to be repaired?

Whatever the reason is, if the clothes stays in your closet the way it is, it’s pretty unlikely you will wear it again. So, take it out to make some space in your closet, and you can decide what you want to do with it.

Does this still suit your life style

Sometimes we stop wearing certain styles, after some major life events.

For instance, I used to love body-con dresses, and I no longer wear them after I had my son. Now I preferred clothes not too tight which gives me more comfort when I am playing with my son in the playground. So, this white bodycon dress needs to be taken out of my closet!

As I was going through my closet this year, I noticed I have some tailored navy suits and I can’t think of when is the last time I wore them. Probably over 10 years ago when I was interviewing for a job! So, that’s definitely something I should not keep.

Do you have similar situation? Perhaps you recently changed your job, or maybe you have just retired? All these are possible reasons that you need to refresh your closet and get new styles that suite your current lifestyle. As for the old clothes that no longer suit you, don’t let them sit your closet and takes the space!

Have you had major weight fluctuations?

This is another main factor that could cause us to stop wearing certain clothes. As we go through life, most of us go through weight fluctuations.

If you have had a baby and are still trying to lose the baby fat, you probably’t won’t be wearing some of the tighter clothing for a while.

If you have a plan to get back to your previous size, it’s fine to keep those clothes, but, SEPARATELY! If you hang them in the closet, it’s going to take much longer for you to find the clothes you actually CAN wear right now.

As you go through your closet, put the clothes you do not want to keep in the bin I mentioned earlier. If you don’t have a bin, any container can do the trick. You just want to make sure you do not continue to keep the “dead weight” in your closet and accumulate clutter.

Once you have decided which clothes you are not going to keep, put them in a bin, or one pile in your bed. As I mentioned earlier, I use the $13.99 laundry bin from Amazon.

Now onto the Step 2.

Step 2 Gather what needs to be washed

After you have cleaned out what you do not want to keep, now you need to take out the clothes you need to wash.

There is many things we wear more than once before we wash them, especially winter clothing. It’s quite possible that your cashmere or wool sweaters have been worn several times last winter and you have not washed them.

Spring cleaning is the best opportunity to take those out and make sure you wash or dry clean everything you need to wash, before you put them away. When you take care of your clothing properly, they’ll last so much longer.

When you gather clothing that needs to be washed, you need to decide which you can wash at home and which needs to be dry-cleaned.

Personally, I don’t really take everything to dry cleaners. Because of several reasons.

First, I have sensitive skin, so my skin could have a reaction to dry cleaning chemicals. If it’s a sweater I wear next to skin, I prefer to wash them by hand with special detergent made for wool or cashmere.

My favorite brand is Laundress. I have been using this brand for the last decade and I trust its safety on my skin and I never had a problem of shrinking or anything after I wash wool or cashmere sweaters with it.

Second, washing those by hand can also save some money in the long run!

Just make sure you do this with caution- not all clothing can be washed with water, and it’s possible some can even shrink with the special detergent. When in doubt, take to dry cleaners.

As mentioned earlier, I use this laundry basket from Amazon to gather all the items I need to wash myself.

For dry cleaning, I use clothing rack ($21.87 from Amazon) to gather what needs to go to the dry cleaners. If you don’t have a rack, it’s ok to gather those and lay them in bed or clean floor.

Now, on to step 3.

Step 3 Current season first

Now that you have taken out what you don’t want to keep and what needs to be cleaned, you have the rest of closet with clothing that you do want to keep.

So, what you should do next is to arrange your closet so that the current season clothing should be in the very front, i,e. the closest to you.

In my closet, it is easier for me to reach it on the left side, so that’s how I arrange mine. I put all my spring and summer clothing on the left side, and the winter clothing on the right side (the far side).

After you finish this step, all the current season clothes will be within you reach, and that will make it so much easier when you are getting ready every morning.

Now, how should you organize the current season clothing? The next two steps are my secret sauce. If you follow this method, you will not only find everything easily, but also save money, because it will be very easy for you to see immediately what you already have and what you should not buy more.

Now, on to step 4.

Step 4 Arrange by occasion

Now, arrange your current season clothing first by occasion. What I mean by that is

  • Work: it’s self explanatory these are the office ready clothing
  • Dressy: these are the clothes you wear to dressier occasions like a date night, or a cocktail event
  • Casual: these are the clothes you wear on weekends, go grocery shopping or playing with your kids

Once you organize your closet this way, next time when you are getting ready in the morning or deciding what to wear to a wedding, you won’t be scrambling to look for that specific dress or suit any more. You know to go to the work section, the dressy section and the casual section to find them!

Now, on to step 5.

Step 5 Arrange by color

Now, after you arrange your clothes by occasion, next you need to arrange the same occasion by color.

This is a critical step for you to understand your own preference. After you complete this step, you will see immediately how many pieces of clothing you have in each color.

This is by no means by entire closet, but I want to show you when you are done with arranging by color, this is what your closet should look like.

For my closet, I have so many prints, that I realize I should stop buying more prints and add more solids. Within solids, I have so many reds that I realize it’s time to add some neutral colors such as grey or beige.

What did you discover about yourself?

Every morning when we open the closet we are staring at a full closet, but we still think there’s nothing to wear!

Many times a big reason is we have been buying the same color and similar styles again and again, without realizing we are doing that. When you keep buying the same thing, it’s harder to get different outfits.

When you diversify your styles and colors, you closet will be more functional to match different styles and colors and create different outfits.

Above 5 steps I was talking about the clothes that needs to be hanged. After you go through these 5 steps, your hanging clothes should be in pretty good shape!

On to Step 6.

Step 6 Fold small items

If you have a big enough closet to hang everything, then you don’t need to worry about this step. If you have a small closet like me, then you will always find there’s not enough space to hang everything.

Besides, some of the clothes in your closet might be easier for you to store after you fold them instead of hanging them. For smaller items, folding them can save space, especially if you have a small closet. I normally fold these clothes instead of hanging them

  • T-shirts
  • Thin sweater tops
  • Shorts
  • Bras
  • Underwear

I use these foldable fabric containers from Amazon. They are pretty functional to hold the smaller items, and they make your closet look really well organized, when you are done.

Step 7 Organize accessories

Now, when you are done with organizing your clothing, next step is to organize your accessories. This is an important step to have a totally neat closet.

Accessories are a broad category, so everyone may have something different in their closet. In this post, I will focus on how to organize bags, which everyone has in their closet.

I put the bigger tote bags on the shelf that is easy for me to reach. Now, the problem is how do you make the bags hold their shape when you store them?

Here is my secret sauce. I actually put smaller bags in the big bags! By doing that, not only you save space, but also it makes sure your tote bags stay in its shape.

For the rest of my smaller bags like clutches, I arrange them in this container from Amazon.

For belts, and scarves, I use belt hanger from Amazon (link in the next section). These are awesome organizing tools for small closet.

Now we are finished with these 7 steps! Here’ are two more bonus tips for you.

Tools to organize your closet

These are all the tools I use in the 7 steps I mentioned in today’s post.

  • Clothing bin
  • Laundry basket
  • Clothing rack
  • Fabric Containers

Use Space Saving Hangers

Now that you have the 7 step system to declutter and organize your closet, you also need some space saving hangers! If you don’t have a huge closet, you need to make sure you are fully using every inch of your closet space wisely. That’s why the space saving hangers are so important.

These are what I use for my closet and I have enjoyed these because they REALLY saves a ton of space for your closet AND they are very budget friendly)!

These are life savers if you have a small closet with lots of clothes! I use blouse trees to hang 4 pieces of shirts or blouses at one time. I use them not just for my clothes, but also for my husband’s cashmere sweaters since he has A LOT of them. They are sturdy and easy to use. Absolutely love these. I love these hangers- they save so much space! I mainly use them for dresses and other thinner clothes.

I use these for winter coats and jackets, so that they stay in the right shape. I had made the mistakes of hanging my coats with skinny hangers before, and guess what happened- they broke apart! Skinny hangers are not made to hold heavier items like the coats.

Did you notice a hanger mark near the shoulder for a favorite dress or a nice sweater? I did, and that’s why I searched for the “mark free” hangers and I found these. I have been using these for years and I am happy with the result.

I use these to hang delicate clothes such as my DVF silk wrap dresses, cashmere sweaters, wool sweaters, and anything that I don’t want to leave the “hanger mark” on the shoulders, I use these. They do a pretty good job and I notice no more hanger marks since I started using these.

I use these as my space saving solution for pants and I love how functional they are. Because you can hang 5 pants at once on one hanger, it saves a ton of space in your closet. I use these not only for my closet, but also for my husband’s closet since he has a lot more pants than me.

I use something like this to hold all my belts. It’s easy to find what you are looking for when you need them, and they really help to de-clutter your closet.

This is a nice organizing hanger for your scarves, if you have a lot. If you don’t have many scarves, you can just fold them and store them in the the fabric container I mentioned earlier.

Books on Organizing

Organizing is an art.

I could not cover all the things I do to organize my closet in this post. For instance, how to organize your shoes? I deliberately did not cover that in this post, because that itself will be another different post, especially for people who have a lot of shoes.

Personally, I just love organizing in general! I’m talking about not just organizing my closet, but also everything- kitchen, drawers, shelves, you name it.

The reason is once you de-clutter and have a nicely neat space, it gives you such a great sense of relief and it’s a very liberating experience! Speaking from my own experience, ever time after I finish organizing my closet, I feel so energized. Organizing your closet will make you feel good about life overall, not just about having more usable space in your room!

If you are into organizing like me, I highly recommend this book.

Organizing can really be a life-changing experience!

What Body Types Look Good in Boyfriend Jeans

Not sure if boyfriend jeans are the right fit for you? It’s a denim style that’s held it’s own in the trend department for quite some time, long enough to land itself on the classic denim list. If you aren’t familiar, boyfriend jeans have more of an oversized, relaxed aesthetic to them.

Boyfriend jeans differ from other denim styles in that there’s a significant range you will find in this fit. More specifically, you will see some boyfriend jeans that are more exaggerated in their loose fit compared to others. Overall, however you’re going to get a similar feel from the style itself.

Now you may be wondering if boyfriend jeans flatter every body type.

In short, no.

Truthfully, not all denim styles are going to flatter every body type. Below is a bit more insight as to which body types are going to look best in this style of denim.

What Body Type Looks Good in Boyfriend Jeans

The Inverted Triangle Body Type

Boyfriend jeans are one of THE best denim styles for the inverted triangle body type.

Thanks to the looser leg fit of the boyfriend fit, it perfectly balances broader shoulders of an inverted triangle body.

Fortunately for your body type you can wear any variation of the boyfriend fit because it plays so well to your natural shape. In other words, don’t be afraid of the slouchy fits.

One thing you will want to keep in mind with the trend is opting for more of a mid-rise. This will help to establish a waistline and ensure your legs don’t appear shorter than they are – which is something that can happen with a lower rise.

With an inverted triangle shape, you will want to style boyfriend jeans with tops that fit fairly close to the body. No worries, it doesn’t have to be SUPER tight fit. It’s important that you don’t wear tops that are loose fitting when styling boyfriend jeans so you’re able to maximize the figure flattering benefits.

As a shape with broader shoulders, adding more bulk to the top half will further emphasize that instead of creating balance to the shape. Let the boyfriend jeans be the looseness in the outfit.

The Straight Body Type

What Body Type Looks Good in Boyfriend Jeans

If your body shape is straight, sometimes called athletic or rectangular, boyfriend jeans are for you. It’s a great style to embrace if you want denim that gives the illusion of a curvier figure. Thanks to the slouchy fit, this type of denim does just that.

One of the best ways to work with your straight shape is by selecting different clothing styles that give subtle volume to the parts of your body where you would like to give the look of curves. If you want your hips and thighs to have curves – boyfriend jeans are the answer.

Because of your straight shape, you’re able to wear boyfriend jeans that range from a slimmer fit to those that are much more exaggerated in their slouchy effect. It really depends upon your personal preference and style.

The preferred rise will depend on your goal with what you want to accentuate. For example, if you want to add curves and more waist definition you’ll want to stick with a mid to high rise boyfriend jean. If your goal is really just to enhance a curvier aesthetic to your hips and legs you can enjoy wearing a low or mid rise fit.

What Body Type Looks Good in Boyfriend Jeans

Long Legs

If you’re a woman lucky enough to have long legs, you may want to think about wearing boyfriend jeans more often (if you’re not already). Believe it or not this style denim can do wonders for balancing out long legs.

While long legs isn’t a problem, in fact it’s an attribute a lot of women would LOVE to have, there may be times you’d like your body to appear more balanced between the legs and torso. When that’s your goal, enter in the boyfriend fit jeans. Particularly, low rise boyfriend jeans.

The reason low rise is something to favor with long legs is simply because they bring the waistline down on the body which ‘shortens’ the legs and lengthens the torso. When you have naturally long legs what this is essentially doing is making your legs and torso look more proportioned.

Because boyfriend jeans have this slouchy fit it further adds to the shortening effect when paired with a lower rise. If low rise isn’t really for you, mid-rise fits will provide a similar effect just not quite as exaggerated.

What Body Type Looks Good in Boyfriend Jeans

Who should Avoid Boyfriend Jeans

The truth is boyfriend jeans aren’t going to be a flattering option for everyone – and that’s ok! Luckily there are quite a few different denim styles available now so you can easily find an option that does work for your shape.

If you’re still not sure if boyfriend jeans are for you, here are a couple of things to consider.

First, if you have wider hips and thicker thighs, this fit may not be the best route to go. The relaxed fit will lend to bulking up that area of the body.

If you do not a tighter fitted jeans like the skinnies, you can go for the “girlfriend jeans”, which is modified version of the boyfriend jeans as it is less baggy but in the meantime still gives you plenty of space in the leg shape.

Another thing to consider is if you tend to carry your weight in your stomach (i.e. if you have a muffin top), boyfriend jeans can be a tricky style to pull off in a flattering manner. This is primarily because this particular style denim is usually found in lower rises, which isn’t generally favored by those with more of an apple figure.

What Body Type Looks Good in Boyfriend Jeans

Style is, first and foremost, all about self-expression and having fun. So if boyfriend jeans are new for you and your wardrobe it may take a little getting used to styling them in a way that you feel confident in.

That being said, one tip many stylists often recommend when it comes to wearing boyfriend jeans is keeping the top half of the body structured and fit closer to the body. These fits are going to ensure you’re not lost in a lot of loose fabric, due to the fit of boyfriend jeans.

6 Things You Should Never Wear

Fashion for short women is never easy! Don’t you agree with me?

Certainly have had a lot of frustration over the years. After many trial and errors, I was finally about to get a hang of it and that’s why I want to share this post with you on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to petite fashion.

Knowing what looks good on short women is certainly important, but knowing what to avoid as a petite girl is critical. That’s why I want to talk to you about the good and bad of the fashion trends in this post, so that you can be wiser with what trends to follow and what to avoid.

I have summarized the key points of the mistakes in petite fashion that a lot of us make (myself included). I suggest you watch this video and then read the full article to get all the tips!

Be Selective

First, we all live in the world where we are bombarded with information about fashion trends from numerous media such as magazines, TV, facebook, Instagram, and even subway and taxi advertisements. Whether you admit it or not, you are under their influence.

After you see them and hear them enough times, their impact on you could be happening in your subconscious mind without you even realizing it.  You may be convinced to accept their definition and standard of what looks good and what doesn’t and what is in and what should be out this season.

Hollywood stars, super models, million-follower bloggers such as Kendal Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Rhianna, Olivia Palermo and so on and so forth are the so called trend setters, and you might be listening to them and mimicking them without even realizing it.

But, wait a second, did you realize most of these trend setters are 5’8″ and above? Should you follow them?

A lot of times, many people don’t realize the clothes look good on the trend setters because of them, not because of the clothes themselves. What looks fabulous on models with gazelle like legs could be a total disaster on a petite woman who is 5’2″!

Focus of Petite Style

So, what is it about petite styling that makes it so different (or difficult)?

Many petites feel like their biggest complain is pants are too long or it’s hard to find clothes for shorter women that doesn’t require alteration.

That certainly is true, but there’s more to that.

The key is that we have a shorter frame to work with. What that implies is not just we need to wear shorter clothes. The more important implication is petites need to be more selective on what we CAN wear with a focus on proportion.

Yes, proportion is the key word on fashion for petites!

If you are petite, your styling focus should be always be to create the illusion of height and length through what you wear. Like in this picture, wearing cropped jacket with shorts create a wonderful body proportion of 2/3 and 1/3 for a petite woman like Eva Longoria.

Proportion, however, is never an issue with those super models and probably never a focus for them.

In order for any clothes to look good on short women, it should be carefully designed with the goal of optimizing the body proportion in mind.  Once you find those styles that flatter you, they should become your wardrobe staples that you should always go back to despite the current trends of this season set by the tall girls.

What to Avoid in Petite Fashion

Now, let’s take a look at the trends that are not the best choices for petite women. Everything I’m about to mention here is tied to the concept of proportion I mentioned.

Gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals have been extremely popular in recent years, thanks to all the celebrities and fashion bloggers in the wake of the block buster Hollywood movies.

Although they can look very trendy and fashionable, they are not a flattering style to girls with short legs.

If you are petite, any horizontal straps will make your legs look cut off, let alone gladiator sandals with numerous straps.

The worst for short girls is the tall gladiator sandals which look are normally the height of tall boots but they have straps all over.  They will make your legs a lot shorter than they are.

The best shoes for short girl style include nude pumps, shoes with pointy toes and heels with low vamps.Midi skirts

For those of you not familiar with the term, “midi” is a dress or skirt length that is halfway between the knee and ankle (mid-calf).

The hem is at an awkward length and they make your legs look cut off, because they also draw attention to the widest part of your lower legs and make your legs look shorter.

Midi skirts are not the most flattering style to girls with short legs.  If you are petite, you are much better off with skirts either longer or shorter than the midi length, i.e. skirts that end 4 inches above your knees or a full length maxi skirt that covers your ankles.

Either way your proportion will look better and your legs will look a lot longer.

Baggy Boyfriend Jeans

Short girls should in general go for figure-conscious clothing and stay away from baggy clothes, especially the bottoms.

There has been an increasing buzz about boyfriend jeans in recent years, as they are comfortable to wear because of the relaxed fit.  However, they are not a flattering style for short women, if the fit is TOO relaxed.

It is important for petite women to wear well-fitted bottoms, which will effectively elongate the legs and make your overall proportion look better.

If you think skinny jeans is only flattering for certain body types, go for bootcut jeans, which is universally flattering for any body type. It is not as tight as straight leg jeans or skinny jeans, so it is very forgiving. In addition, the straight A line at the bottom makes your calves and thighs look skinner.

Flared jeans is another most flattering styles for women. The flare adds a graceful, curved silhouette which are very feminine. Flared jeans is actually my personal favorite, because every time I wear them I noticed my legs look instantly longer!

For short girls, the flare legs adds length to by extending your legs, as they do not stop at your ankle like skinny jeans.

Cropped Palazzo Pants

Wide leg pants have been gaining some ground in the fashion scene in the last seasons, however, they are better suited for tall or average height ladies.

If you are short, wearing wide leg pants is not flattering in general. The width in the legs goes horizontal, and that makes you look shorter than you actually are.

I do understand however that wide leg pants could be the most comfortable for many people, especially for mature ladies.

If wide leg pants is your thing, make sure you pick out a pair that is long enough.  Avoid cropped wide leg pants by all means, as they are hardly flattering to short girls no matter how you wear them.

For petite women, palazzo pants should never be at your calf or ankle, which will be the most unflattering length.  Carefully choose a vertically inspired pattern and make sure to wear them with slim heels to make up for the vertical line much needed by short girls.

Wide Belts

Wide belts have been the signature looks for many high fashion brands in recent years.  It is not hard to understand why they are getting the attention from every one because they are sexy, cool and edgy.

Even though I myself absolutely love wide belted looks, I have to admit they are not the best trends for short girl style.

Since most petite women have shorter torso, it is easy for them to look overwhelmed by the wide belts.  The worst thing is to wear a wide belt at the waist, which would visually cut your body into halves and that is absolutely not flattering!

If you are petite height but a die hard fan of wide belts (like myself),  there are still ways to wear them without looking overwhelmed by the belts.

The key is to wear them in a monochromatic color as your outfit, or at least your top.  That way, the focal point will not be purely on your wide belt, while at the same time adding interesting dimension to your outfit.

Giant Statement Necklaces

Statement jewelry has been super popular, and you see them on celebrities all the time. Despite the current trend of wearing a bold and chunky statement necklace, they are not the best styles for petite girls.

Petite women can look overwhelmed by a giant necklace, unless you are petite and plus size.  If you are petite and curvy, then a delicate chain may look lost on you and you are better off with a medium sized necklace (still, it should not overwhelm your petite height).

If you love the bib-shaped statement necklaces, which is trending right now, opt for one designed to hit lower on your frame which has a medium to small airy design.  Always avoid enormous statement necklaces that sit high on your clavicle.

What Clothes Make You Look Slimmer

Whether your body has changed since the beginning of the pandemic, or you just strive to look slimmer in your daily life you can utilize your clothing choices as a way to achieve that goal.

Of course this isn’t a supplement to a healthy lifestyle, there’s no harm in using clothing to your advantage to look and feel a little better throughout your day.

If you want to learn some stylist approved tips that make you look slimmer, this list has you covered to get started.

Heeled Shoes

One area that tends to be forgotten about when it comes to dressing slimmer is what shoes are chosen. Believe it or not, shoes can aid in providing a slimmer appearance to the body.

The reason is simply because when we look taller, it lengthens our shape and gives the body a slimmer aesthetic.

Pretty cool, right?

It’s something so simple to do anytime you feel like you need a little boost to the look.

The good news is you don’t have to wear sky high heels in order to benefit from this trick either.

Even simply opting for platform sneakers in place of a super flat option can add a bit of a slimmed effect.

Monochromatic dressing

This is a trick a lot of style professionals utilize when dressing celebrities because it’s a way to look chic AND get some pretty great benefits along with it.

Wearing one color from head to toe, also known as monochromatic dressing, is that trick. The color chosen can be anything from black to a bold red – the slimming benefit will remain the same.

There’s a reason this is such a leaned upon styling trick, well a couple of reasons.

First, it’s an easy way to style a look because it removes the need to worry about colors matching or meshing together well since it’s the same color throughout the outfit.

Second, because the outfit includes one color there are no ‘breaks’ on the body. Instead it gives the body one long, lean looking line from head to toe which is what gives the slimming effect when worn.

Ruched Clothing

If you want to look slimmer, especially in your tummy area, you need to get a ruched top or ruched dress!

This term “ruching” may sound foreign to you, but I promise you this works like magic!

Ruching is a type of design you can find in tops, swimsuits, or dresses where the garments look “wrinkled”, like the one I’m wearing above.

But, of course the “wrinkle” is deliberate, so that it can disguise your muffin top. In other words, the eye is tricked into believing that the extra fabrics on the garments are what’s causing the volume, instead of your belly fat!

I think this is one of the most genius designs out there that can make you look instantly more slender.


Another tip that may seem like a small detail but it makes a big impact to helping to appear slimmer in clothing.

The neckline of an outfit changes the look entirely, whether you realize it or not.

V-necklines are something to favor when you have a goal of looking slimmer.

These necklines are so great because they provide a lengthening effect to the chest and torso area of the body that gives the illusion of a slimmer body.

Not only that, v-necklines open up the neck area and help to give more balance to the body which is also something that helps slim the shape entirely.

No need to feel like the v-necklines chosen have to be deep and show cleavage, even a subtle v-neckline will reap the figure flattering benefits.

The Right Fitting Undergarments

One of the easiest, most impactful ways to instantly look slimmer in your clothing is to have the right style and fitting undergarments.


Undergarments play such a big role in the way we look in clothing.

Wearing ill fitting undergarments can add bulk and weight to the body because they prevent clothing from laying properly, whereas the right fit and style allows clothes to fit the way they’re intended – helping to give that slimming effect.

Most women don’t have the necessary undergarment wardrobe.

If you feel like you’re lacking or struggling in this department it’s a good time to make some adjustments. Make it a goal to get fitted for bras, especially, at least one time per year. It may seem excessive but experts all over the world recommend this practice as our bodies change and evolve so often as women.

High Waisted Bottoms

Finding ways to define your waist is another stylist approved trick to looking slimmer in clothing.

High-waisted bottoms are an easy way to create that waist definition.

Whether you have a naturally defined waist or not, high waisted bottoms create the illusion of a defined waist that, in turn, slims the body. That explains why high rise jeans are one of the most slimming jeans.

Try focusing on high waisted bottoms that also offer some structure to them.

Bottoms that are very flowy and loose, even if they’re high waisted, can add weight to the body instead.

High waisted bottoms don’t have to be skin tight, however, either.

It’s really about finding a nice balance that you feel confident wearing. If you’re new to high waisted bottoms and feel a little uncomfortable, feel free to add some shapewear underneath to provide a little added support and structure to the body.

Pointed Toe Shoes

Circling back to shoes, because they play such a big role in an outfit, we have pointed toe shoes.

These are something to bring more of into your wardrobe when you want to look slimmer.

Round or square toe shoes shorten legs, making the body look shorter and often wider than it is naturally. This is where pointed toe options come into play because of the shape they add extra length, or at least the appearance of it, to the legs and body – which instantly slims the figure.

Structured Garments

what makes you look slimmer

Flowy, loose clothes may be ‘comfortable’ but they’re also known to add weight and bulk to the body.

This is why they’re best to be avoided anytime you’re striving to look thinner.

Instead, opting for clothes that offer some structure and shape to them is a much more beneficial route. Anytime a garment has structure to it on its own, it helps to provide that same structure to the body it is worn on.

Think of pieces like a structured blazer or dress. The sharp lines within them lengthen and slim the figure beautifully.

Long Layering Pieces

Longer length clothing items can be intimidating for many women because we’ve long been told they’re not always the most flattering, especially for petites. However, that’s simply not always the case.

In fact, long layering pieces can be incredibly flattering and offer a slimming effect when worn over other clothing.

The added length well, lengthens the body and creates these defined vertical lines down the center to help slim the shape.

These long layering pieces can be anything from a long cardigan to a trench coat.

Try styling one of these types of pieces over and outfit and see how much it lengthens your body.

Flat Front Pants

Pants with a lot of ‘extras’ on them should be worn with caution if you want to look slimmer.

These extras can be things like pleating and bulky pockets, for example. While they’re fun details they’re widely known to add bulk to the waist and hip area of the body, which is why they’re tricky to wear.

Flat front pants should be your best friend instead because of how flattering they are on the body.

These ‘flat front’ styles give the body a more streamlined look that isn’t broken up, as those ‘extras’ tend to do, and give a taller and leaner aesthetic.

Long Necklaces

Yes, even something as small as a necklace can make you look slimmer.

Long necklaces are a great style hack to slim the body, thanks to the added lengthy illusion they give to the torso.

As you’ve likely figure out by now, anytime the body looks longer it also appears slimmer as a byproduct.

It is important to note that long necklaces provide this figure enhancement when they’re on the daintier side. Chunky, heavy long necklaces will often just add extra bulk to the body.

Vertical Lines

Patterns, in general, can be a tricky area for some women to feel confident wearing.

That being said, you can always count on vertical lines for being flattering.

As mentioned quite a few times by now, vertical lines down the body also give a slimmed illusion.

Whether it’s a vertically striped shirt, blazer or pants you can trust they’re going to make you look long and lean.

how to dress slimmer

What to Wear to a Rehearsal Dinner

If you have wedding invitations rolling into your mailbox, you’ve probably started thinking about what you need to wear to the occasion(s). The wedding day is the biggest event but we all know there are quite a few events leading up to the big day. Between the wedding shower, bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner, quite a few outfits are needed and each calls for a different type of outfit. Today let’s take a close look at what to wear to a rehearsal dinner.

With so many different pre-wedding events to get dressed for, the rehearsal dinner can provide a whole other level of confusion in the wardrobe department. To keep your anxiety at bay, and help you to enjoy the pre-wedding events, I’m sharing some tips so you know exactly what to wear to a rehearsal dinner.

What is a Rehearsal Dinner

Before we get into style hacks, it is helpful to go over what this is so that you know what to expect. According to Wiki, a rehearsal dinner is a pre-wedding ceremony in the United States tradition, usually held after the wedding rehearsal and the night before the wedding ceremony.

So, who are invited to the rehearsal dinner?

what should I wear to rehearsal dinner
Photo: Pexel

Since the rehearsal dinner takes place after the rehearsal, the guest list can include just the bride and groom to be, their immediate families, the wedding party, and the officiant and his spouse.

Or, it can be a larger event, including all the out-of-town guests (or at least all those who will have already arrived in town for the wedding).

Whether you are family of the couple. one of the bridesmaids or one of the out of town guests, since this isn’t an event everyone is invited to, naturally you want to dress properly for the occasion.

Take a Note From the

We have said this many times, and we are going to say it again. Whenever you are considering what to wear for a wedding related party, the first thing you should look for the guidance is always the dress code on the invitation. Now, what if the invitation does not have dress code? Or there is no printed invitation at all?

Well, that is a very good point! While wedding invitations always tell you the dress code such as “black tie optional”, “cocktail attire”, etc, rehearsal dinner is a little different.

what to wear to a rehearsal dinner
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Some rehearsal dinners provide actual invitations while others don’t. Regardless, you will (should!) be provided with some information about the rehearsal dinner. Information like the time, location, etc. – you get the point. Believe it or not you, can gain a lot of outfit inspiration and insight in knowing what to wear to a rehearsal dinner based on the invitation. Use this information to your advantage!

For example if the rehearsal dinner invitation states it
will be taking place in the evening at a nice restaurant you should have an
idea as to how formal or casual the event will be.

Dress for the Rehearsal Dinner according to the Location

Let’s get into the location a bit more because just like the weddings themselves, the rehearsal dinners can take place in a wide range of locations. Knowing where the rehearsal dinner is taking place gives you a ton of information around how to actually get dressed. Your decision about the dress (or otherwise), shoes, jewelry and to wear to the rehearsal dinner should all depend on the venue.

Even though indoor dinners are not necessarily more formal than outdoors, you do need to consider some practical factors if the event is outdoors. Is your dress going to be too long to be sweeping the grass everywhere? Is the venue by the beach so it could get windy? You don’t want to be busy fixing up your dress all night and do not have enough time to really enjoy the dinner. Wear something that is not only pretty but also practical is key.

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If the dinner is taking place in a garden, you probably want to avoid stilettos so that you can walk more comfortably on the grass and the tiny and sharp heels don’t get stuck somewhere on the ground. Dressy flats or wedges are better for outdoor events.

If the rehearsal dinner is in an upscale restaurant, you may want to go with a cocktail dress and feel free to wear your favorite kitten heels. Still, bear in mind comfort is key, because most rehearsal dinner will last more than one hour and you want to make sure your shoes won’t start to hurt half way. Block heels or shoes with a slight platform works perfectly in that case.

Besides shoes, if the dinner is outdoors at night time, you may want to consider bringing a light weight pashmina in case it gets chilly.

I suggest, if you’re not really familiar with the rehearsal dinner’s location, personally do some research! Thanks to the internet we can gain a lot of insight into a venue from a simple online search. Check their social media pages to see what patrons wear when they are there, get an idea as to how formal the dress code is, etc. The point is location isn’t something to look over when you’re figuring out what to wear to a rehearsal dinner.

Less Formal Than the
Actual Wedding

Even if the rehearsal dinner is on the formal side, you never want this outfit to outshine or be more formal than what you plan to wear to the actual wedding. Keep in mind that the wedding is the most important event of ALL the wedding related events, so that’s the look that should be the most formal and stand out the most.

attire for rehearsal dinner
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What if the rehearsal dinner dress code is formal? In that case, you should honor that dress code just think about what you’re wearing to the wedding and think about whether or not you need to make some adjustments so you’re not dressing up more for the dinner than you are the wedding.

Express Yourself with

Because rehearsal dinners are less formal than the actual
wedding it does give you an opportunity to express your own personal style when
choosing an outfit for the occasion. Have fun with the dress (or pants!) you
decide to wear for the rehearsal dinner by choosing something that you feel
really comfortable wearing. While you should use it to express your
personality, it’s important that you aren’t showing too much skin at the
rehearsal dinner.

Even if the venue of the rehearsal dinner is formal and calls for you dressing up (or not), showing a lot of skin can have you running the risk of not dressing appropriately for the event. Keep in mind that the rehearsal dinner is a wedding related event which means that family members will be in attendance and you want to honor the bride and groom’s special night. This isn’t to say you can’t wear a dress that shows a little leg or a neckline that shows a touch of skin – but it doesn’t mean you want to find some balance between showing skin and just plain showing too much. If grandma wouldn’t approve its probably best to skip it!

Don’t Wear the
Bride’s Color

This may go without saying but I wanted to make sure we touch on the color you decide to wear to the rehearsal dinner. Truthfully, you can really rock any color you enjoy wearing to the rehearsal dinner. I suggest choosing according to the season. So if the rehearsal dinner is taking place in the spring or summer, choose an outfit that’s in the light and/or bright color scheme.

On the flip side if the rehearsal dinner is in the fall or winter, go for darker hues. This will help you to feel like you’re dressing properly for the season AND occasion which is the ultimate style win.

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The one color you definitely should NOT wear to the rehearsal dinner is white. Unless a wedding event invitation specifically requests for guests to wear white, it should be avoided for any and all wedding events – yes even the events leading up to the big day. To put it rather simply, the color white is really meant to be reserved for the bride. All of the events leading up to the actual wedding are about the bride and groom and allowing her to stand out in white, if and when she chooses, is respectful.

I’m sure you’ve heard that you should never wear white to the wedding but don’t forget to trickle that same rule into the other wedding festivities.

Style a Completed,
Appropriate Look

More often than not, dresses are going to be a great style
choice for a rehearsal dinner. They’re easy to wear and require minimal
matching when styling the outfit. Hello one pieces! On that note, I so often
see that women will find a great dress to wear to a rehearsal dinner and miss
the rest of the details. Ladies! Remember that you’re styling an ENTIRE look
when getting dressed for a rehearsal dinner. Don’t break the look of the dress
with the wrong accessories and shoes.

We’ve all heard it – shoes can make or break an outfit. I’m
not going to give you a whole lecture about how to select your accessories and
shoes but I will say that you should look at everything you’re wearing to the
rehearsal dinner as a cohesive look.

Generally speaking, less is more. Avoid overstyling yourself
by wearing too many accessories like big earrings, a necklace, statement
bracelet, etc. If you’re wearing a dress that’s a stand out you don’t need a
lot of over the top accessories to look great. On the flip side, if you’re
wearing a simple dress to the rehearsal dinner you can add a little more of a
pop with your accessories.

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