How To Dress A Pear Shaped Plus Size Body

How To Dress A Pear Shaped Plus Size Body

Are you confused about what to wear to look perfect? We are here with how to dress a pear shaped plus size body for you.

A pear shaped is one of the most common body types that you will find among women. They have narrow shoulders with smaller size busts. Their pear-shaped bodies are characterized by a well-defined waist. They have full volume in their hips and thighs. The lower half is wider than the upper one in most of the women having this type.

They have rounded bottoms. The main goal while styling yourself for the look should be to enhance your waistline and arms. You can stay away from the dresses that draw attention to the wider hip area. Adding volume to your shoulders and upper body will provide you perfect figure. Here are some tips that you follow for your pear-shaped body.

V-neck dresses for the pear body


V-neck dresses for pear-shaped body is perfect to add broadness to your neck and thus add volume to your upper portion. It will draw attention to the shoulders and neck and withdraw attention from the hips. You can were this dress for any occasion whether it could be cool casual clothing or a party look. They are comfortable and also provide a good dress for you.

You can combine it with long earrings or with a pearl stud for a party wear look. You can wear a pencil or high heels to have a complete look. A sequinned v-neck dress is in trend and you can also try this for your next look.

High-waisted pants and skirts for pear shaped body

High-waisted pants and skirts for pear shaped body

While trying to look for a pant that suits your pear body shape, you can look for one that will make your hips look upward. A high waist pants can be a good option for you to have a well-defined waist with your hips looking good. It will stress the upper body making it visually appealing. You can also wear high-waist skirts to make your body look fabulous.

Pairing a high waist skirt with a high neck top will make you ready for your hangouts or a college-ready look with your pear shape body. You can also go with a v-neck top with high-waist pants.

A-line clothing pear shape body type

A-line clothing fits the shoulders and waist and adds a nice structure to the hips. It will add an Instagram style to your look. A-line clothing will add flattering vertical patterns to your body and enhances the look of your back. It will create a similar look to the classic hourglass look. You can choose your dress from the number of available options.

An A-line dress with lines is must have in your wardrobe for a straight body shape. It will provide balanced shoulders, and hips and add to your tummy look. You can also opt for a sleeveless A-line top for your pear shaped body. Dressing this look will add an appealing visual look to your style.

Ruched sleeveless tops to add volume

There are many options available in sleeveless tops for a pear shaped body. Sleeveless tops will add volume to your shoulders and to your chest area. Doing so, it will make the upper body more volumise with the lower one and make you look attractive.

Ruched sleeveless tops to add volume plus size

Ruched tops are good to give a perfect size for your body by highlighting the structure. You can also combine these top styles to suit your body type. A ruched sleeveless top will make you look hot and is a perfect clothing style for you to charm with your body.


Shrugs go well with pear-shaped bodies. You can even look for an oversized jacket or blazer to pair with your long-length dress. You can consider a sheer shrug instead of this jacket and blazer to look slimmer.

Shrug for pear shape

It is the best option for a summer outfit for women with a pear body. A flattering cute and lightweight shrug will give your curvy body the attention it wants. The sheer fabric lowers the color contrast of the prints and thus minimizes the exaggerated effect. It serves as a long-line outerwear that makes your body elongated and slimmer.

Wide leg jeans or pant pear outfits

Another clothing option for your pear shape body is wide-leg jeans or pants. Instead of looking for skinny jeans, you can wear wide-leg jeans or pants to have a good styling look. The styling goal for a pear body is to balance the silhouette of the upper as well lower body. This can be done by wearing wide-leg pants.

You can wear it with a high-neck or v-neck top. You can also pair it with boat or cowl necklines. To complete your look, you can go for high heels instead of boring flats. Do not opt for a pencil heel.

Wear accessories with a dress for the shape

You can pair many accessories with your dress to complete the look. Gem-shaped necklaces go well with your dress to create a good shape. Instead of going for a piece of heavy jewelry, keep it minimal. Do not go for long necklaces.

You can even wear belts to create attention to your waist. Scarfs are a great option to draw attention to your upper body. You can wear scarves to your winter look but avoid it wearing straight down the neck.

Do not go for these kind of dressing to maintain shape

Here are the outfit ideas that you can avoid maintaining a good shape for your body.

  1. Stay away from bias-cut dresses and skirts as they will give focus to your thighs.
  2. Do not dress up with baggy tops and tunics.
  3. You can avoid clothing that has patterns or embellishment details on the hips and thigh areas.
  4. For pear shape bodies, pencil skirts are not a good choice.
  5. You can also avoid fishtail or tight tube skirts.
  6. Do not go for low-waisted skinny jeans as they will make your hips look more broader.

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