How to Measure For a Plus Size Corset

How to Measure For a Plus Size Corset

If you’re an oversized woman and planning to surprise your co-workers or loved ones with your slim figure? Well, one of the bright and sensible options is to add corsets to your wardrobe. These items can be your secret weapon. A corset transforms your body in an instant, giving you a sexy, glamorous, and elegant look. But the most asked query is how to measure for a plus-size corset. If you too are on the same boat and looking for some measurement tips, do read the complete post.


To measure your chest circumference, wrap the tape around the widest part of your chest, usually just next to your nipples so it doesn’t run down your back. For accurate measurements, use a mirror to make sure the tape is level. Pull tight, but do not tighten.


This measurement involves the rib cage just below the bust and can be a daunting measurement for women with ample assets. You may need to lift your chest to place the measuring tape underneath. This is where the assistant helps without it, wearing a supportive bra can do the trick as long as you measure under the bra band.


You may have heard that the natural waist is the smallest part of your torso. However, this is not always the case with women in good shape. So how do you measure it? In front of the mirror, try to hinge your back to one side first, then the other side. The part where the waist goes under the chest is where you want to measure your natural waist.

High Hip

You can find the iliac crest by pricking the top of the hip with your finger. Feel the lateral edge of the hip bone. This is the iliac crest, which measures the circumference of the body.

Low Hip

A low hip measurement is usually not necessary, but if you do, here’s how to measure the lower hip of your corset. The lower hip is at the top of the pubic triangle. At this time, measure around the body.

Torso length

Sit on a chair. Be sure to sit up straight. Center the measuring tape under your chest and stretch the tape above your thighs.

To buy a plus size corset online, you need to buy the right size. Buying a corset that doesn’t fit the size isn’t going to look good at all. A corset is one of those items that you just need to fit snugly. This means it is important to learn how to measure the size of a corset and this post has definitely helped you in choosing the right plus size corset for you.

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