How to Wear Wide Leg Pants Plus Size Curvy Women

How to Wear Wide Leg Pants Plus Size Curvy Women

Wearing clothes that fit your body shape is the key to maximizing your beautiful curves and focusing your attention on your best assets. You can create a balanced body line according to your body type. Nowadays there are a wide collection of plus size clothes. To look cool and classy you have to choose topwear as well as pants wisely. Wide leg pants can be a great alternative to dresses and skirts in the summer and will be a great wardrobe item in late summer and early fall when you’re not ready to wear thick clothes. Here you will get some ideas related to curvy how to wear wide leg pants plus size.

What should be the length of plus size wide leg pants?

Of course, the length of the pants is always important, but when it comes to wide leg pants, the right length can create an attractive look.

  • If you plan to wear heels or platform shoes with wide pants, you’ll probably want to wear long pants. Long pants sometimes give the illusion of longer legs, and generally go well with high-waisted pants.
  • If you’re looking for a shorter length, you want wide legs that drop above the ankles, like the length of cropped pants. This length goes well with strapped sandals or pumps, or paired with crisp white sneakers for a more casual look.
  • An unfolded, snug T-shirt is an excellent choice for high-waisted, wide-leg pants. If you wear patterned trousers or brightly colored trousers, consider choosing a more neutral top for a stylish, uncrowded look, if you are working with neutral trousers. Another good choice is an eye-catching shirt, like a tie-front t-shirt that emphasizes the waistline.
  • You wear over to fit more because the wide-leg pants stick out from the hips and have a more relaxed cut. Long shirts should be neatly folded into the high waist, and short tops such as camisoles or crop tops should end at or above the waistline.
  • Wide-leg pants and go well with a sleek tailored blazer or cropped jacket. The ultimate goal is a streamlined shape with a snug top that complements your full wide leg at the bottom. A regular business jacket that falls below the waist goes well with wide trousers as long as it fits snugly to the silhouette without being too baggy.

Designers are applying sophisticated style to the office, the beach, and everything in between. This trend is very easily accepted from day to night. Rock a blazer and a pair of high-waisted wide jeans with a camisole underneath the sandals. Take off your blazer after work and change into heels for an instant evening look. Pajama-style pants are perfect for both work and leisure time.

Every woman needs wide leg pants. These bottoms are the ideal complement to almost any look, from party wear to actual workwear.

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