Light Spring: A Comprehensive Guide


The Colour Palette

Light Spring is the colour season reminiscent of new life. These are the days when the warming sun makes the last of the spring flowers bud and the first hint of Summer lies in the air.

These colours are warm and fresh but still light and gentle – like the pastel colours of candy.

Light Spring Colours

The Palette

Light Spring combines lightness with warmth. And while this season has the freshness characteristic of all Spring seasons, it also has some of the softness of Summer.

True to this season’s primary colour aspect, the colours are light. And even though they are gentle, the colours are by no means muted. As part of the Spring family, this palette is pretty bright and colourful. It includes medium-saturated, low-contrast and warmish colours, like rose pinks and grass greens.

The Light Spring colour palette is essentially the standard Spring palette with some of the intensity and saturation removed. White has been added to the original Spring colours to make them lighter – the colours are not dark and heavy. In fact, the darkest of the Spring browns will often be too gloomy.

Colour Dimensions

On the three dimensions of colour, Light Spring has the following settings:

Light Spring Colour Dimensions


As part of the Spring family, the colours lean towards the warm end of the scale but are not extremely warm. That means they contain more yellow than blue undertones. And consequently, you will find fewer tints of blue (which is the coolest colour of all) on the palette. And the blues that you will find all have a tint of yellow to make them warmer and lighter.


Thanks to this colour season’s primary colour aspect, the colours are overall low in value – meaning there are many light colours and very few darker ones. And the few medium colours only act as supporting colours for the light ones.


The colour palette is medium-high in chroma. It is not as bright and vibrant as the other two Spring seasons. The colours are typical pastel colours because brightness combined with lightness is what creates pastel.

Sister Palettes

Light Spring sits between True Spring and Light Summer on the seasonal flow chart. It falls at the Summer end of the Spring palette, meaning the colours are softer, lighter and less warm than those of True Spring.

Compared to Light Summer, the colours are warmer, brighter and similarly light. The influence of Summer on the palette is extra softness. Pastel colours would look dull on the other Spring seasons but flatter Light Spring skin. Similarly, the high contrast of the other two Spring seasons does not work here because Light Spring has naturally low contrast.

Compared to the third Spring season Bright Spring, the colours are gentler and lighter. They are not as vibrant and not as contrasted.

As sister palettes, True Spring and Light Summer both share Light Spring’s aspects of warm and light, respectively. Depending on where you fall on the Light Spring spectrum, you can borrow some colours from your sister palettes since they are close enough to the Light Spring colour palette.

If you lean more towards True Spring, opt for the lighter shades on the True Spring palette – such as Impala, Salmon or Daiquiri Green. Whereas if you lean more towards Light Summer, choose the warmer colours on the Light Summer palette – such as Popcorn, Dubarry or Cockatoo.

Light Spring Sister Palettes

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