What Not To Wear if You are Short

If you are short, finding the right style for petite women can be a challenge. The reason is you have a shorter frame to work with, thus many styles that work on taller girls can easily overwhelm you and do not look flattering on you. That is why you need to be very thoughtful on what to wear if you are short, and do not wear these if you are short.

Drop Waist Dresses

This isn’t the most common dress silhouette, but you’ve likely seen it quite a bit and may have even tried to wear it a time or two (or more). When you’re short, it’s not the most ideal silhouette to wear for a couple of reasons.

The drop waist silhouette quite literally drops your waistline, at least the appearance of where your waistline is at on your body. Because of this, it gives your torso a longer appearance and shortens your legs tremendously – the opposite of what you want to do in order to enhance a short body type.

Instead of drop waist dresses, stick to silhouettes that bring the waistline higher up on the body. This gives the illusion of longer legs and is incredibly flattering on a petite woman.

Oversized Belts

Belts are a great accessory to utilize anytime you want to highlight and cinch your waistline. However, when you’re short, it’s important to avoid oversized belts. This refers to anything that’s wider than 2-3” (about). The problem with oversized belts when you’re short is they take up a lot of space around your torso, which leads to shortening the appearance of your shape as a whole.

This is especially important if happen to be a petite woman with short torso. Even though petite women generally all have shorter torso, compared with taller women, but some petites have a short torso and long leg body type. If that is you, it is critical you should not wear any belt that is too wide, to avoid making your torso look even shorter.

Of course, you can still wear belts just keep them on the thinner side. Take it a step further, and really flatter a short figure, by wearing a belt that’s the same colors as the garment you’re wearing it on. This creates a monochromatic aesthetic that elongates your legs.

Anything Baggy

While oversized clothing is a trend right now, it’s a tricky one to wear when you’re short. The main problem with baggy clothing is it causes your body to be hidden which then loses your body shape and often has a shortening effect on the body – all things that short women (in general) are hoping to avoid when it comes to getting dressed.

This is exactly why it’s best to avoid wearing any clothing that’s really baggy, oversized and/or shapeless. If you really love the look of oversized pieces, however, there are a couple of styling tricks you can utilize. For starters, find a way to give the oversized piece some shape.

An example can be using an oversized t-shirt and styling it with a belt wrapped around the waist, or throwing a denim jacket over the top. These are two easy ways to add some shape to an otherwise shapeless garment. Another way to wear beloved oversized clothing is by pairing it with something that’s more form fitting so the entire look isn’t swallowing up your body.

Bulky Shoes

Chunky heels, sneakers, etc are tends that come and go but one thing remains the same about them: they’re not the most flattering option on a petite woman. While high heels are a quick, go-to way for short women to add some length to their bodies anything that’s really heavy and bulky is going to do the opposite.

Bulky shoes, even heels, add a lot of bulk to the body and bring the eye down – shortening the body – rather than up. Think of shoes in relation to your body’s size and shape. As a petite woman, opting for shoes that are similar in that aesthetic are going to work beautifully. This means that a lot of those chunky dad sneakers and platform shoes are best to be avoided.

Melanie pulls off platform wedges well because they aren’t overly bulky on her petite frame.

Large Handbags

Handbags are a necessity for most women, whether you’re heading to work or running errands, we need to be able to carry some necessities with us throughout the day. Large handbags can be extra helpful thanks to the additional space they offer, unfortunately they aren’t the best option for short women. Big bags, much like oversized belts, can overwhelm the petite woman carrying them.

If a bag is too big, it can look like the bag is wearing you, rather than you wearing the bag. Small to medium sized bags are much better options as they are proportional to a short woman’s frame. This isn’t all to say teeny tiny bags are the only option, choosing a handbag that acts as an accent to your body and outfit is going to flatter so keep that in mind when selecting handbags for your shape.

Cropped, Wide Leg Pants

This silhouette has been trending in fashion recently and it can be fun, but really difficult to wear and flatter your body simultaneously. Cropped pants have long been known to be a tricky style for petite women to wear. When you have pants that are cropped, paired with a wide leg, it’s a double edged sword that’s best to be avoided as a short woman.

If you really love the wide leg pants look, stick to something in a full length when you are petite so that you get an elongated effect to your body that doesn’t occur from cropped options. While you’re at it, focus on mid-high rise styles so you further lengthen the body and highlight the waistline.

Melanie’s ankle length pants are a great alternative to cropped, wide leg pants.

Heavy Layers

Layering is an essential way of dressing if you live in an area where it gets cold. Not only is layering functional, it’s also a really fun way to make an outfit unique. When you are short, layering needs to be strategic. Really all this means is it’s best to avoid really bulky, heavy and oversized layers. As cozy and warm as they may be, they’re not the most ideal fashion choice as they often swallow up and drag down a short body type. The goal, as a short woman, is to give your body a long, lean silhouette so keep layers simple.

Cam’s extra long vest paired with high rise pants makes these layers work as a petite woman.

Ill-Fitting Clothing

It probably doesn’t come as a shock to hear that ill-fitting clothes shouldn’t be worn when you’re short. To be honest, it doesn’t matter how tall or short you are ill-fitting clothes don’t flatter any body. That being said, it’s something that is even more essential when you’re petite. Wearing anything that doesn’t fit properly is a slippery slope to shortening an already short frame. Get into the habit of having things tailored when needed to prevent wearing anything ill-fitting.

Natalie’s outfit is so chic and trendy. For petite’s, however, the pants need a bit of hemming to elongate your shape.

Big Patterns

Patterns and prints add so much personality to an outfit, and really give you an outlet to have fun with your style. One thing to keep in mind is to choose patterns that are proportional to your body type and size. Similar to some of the other elements mentioned previously, wearing anything that’s too large in comparison to your shape will quickly overwhelm a petite frame. This applies to patterns and prints as well.

The proportion of Amanda’s pattern is the perfect size to compliment her figure.

Ankle Straps

Yes, they’re adorable and cute but ankle straps are best avoided for petite women. What ankle straps do is they cut the leg off, right at the ankle, causing them to look even shorter. Sticking to shoes without an ankle strap gives the illusion of a continued leg line that adds length subtly to your body.

Platform shoes

This may sound counterintuitive to you that short women should avoid platform shoes. Since a lot of petite women rely on heels to add a few extra inches, it seems natural they would resort to platform shoes because those seem more comfortable and can also enable you to wear higher heels.

The problem is platform shoes give the impression of bottom heavy. Instead of elongating your legs, they actually do the opposite visually. Therefore, they will not serve the purpose of making you appearing taller at all, even though you are wearing higher heels.

Another issue with these shoes is that they are rather to walk in. In fact, you have an increased risk of tripping off them when you walk, if the platform is too thick.

A much better alternative for shorter women to look taller is to go with pointed toe shoes instead. Whether it’s pointy toe heels or flats, they can create the illusion of longer legs, which is much more flattering than the platform shoes.

Wedding Guest Dress Code: The Ultimate Guide

As a guest, when you are planning what to wear for wedding, the first step you should take is to look at the wedding invitations for the dress code.  Typically, the couple will include wedding guest dress code on their invitation, and that should be your ultimate guideline as to what to wear to the wedding.

Here is the most common types of wedding dress codes that you might find on the wedding invitation and what you should know about each type.  If you are going to the wedding with a plus one, we will look at how to interpret the the dress code not only for the ladies, but also for the men.

petite wedding guest dresses
Photo: Shutterstock

What is a white tie wedding

The white tie is the most formal dress code.  In fact, according to Wiki, “white tie” itself doesn’t necessarily refer to wedding guest dress code. Any formal event could request “white tie”.  If you have never been invited to a white-tie event before (most of us probably have not, unless you are part of the royal world), think the White House state dinner or Met Gala.  It often times involves red carpet, celebrities and camera flashing.  Even though it is rarely seen on today’s wedding invitations, it is still good to be educated about the etiquette.

White tie dress code for women

Even though this is the most formal type of wedding guest dress code, there is no clear restrictions on what the women should wear.  Traditionally, a ball gown (long evening gown) will be considered appropriate for a white tie wedding.  You probably also want to complete the whole look by wearing jewelry and even evening gloves.

White tie dress code for men

The dress code for men is stricter than for women.  Traditionally, men should wear a black dress tailcoat over a white starched shirt, marcella waistcoat and the white bow tie worn around a standing wingtip collar.  Be mindful that it should be a tailcoat instead a regular suit, and it should be a bow tie instead of a regular neck tie.

What is a black tie wedding

This is the second most formal type of dress code.  According to Wiki, black tie is semi formal, but for most of us, this might be the most formal type of wedding you will attend, because white tie weddings do not happen that often in day to day life.

Black tie wedding dress code for women

Traditionally, women should wear full length gown or tea length (below calf length).  However, in modern days, black tie for ladies is sometimes used interchangeably with cocktail attire.  What that implies is if you are wearing petite dresses for wedding, it doesn’t need to be ankle length or even tea length.  It could be modestly shorter, but probably not mini dresses.  You are not restricted to only petite dresses for wedding.  Evening pants (either palazzo cut or other dressy looking pants) are also acceptable for black tie evening.

petite wedding guest dresses
Photo: Shutterstock

If your budget allows, it is ideal to own a formal gown.  In the wedding season, having one ready in your closet will save you a lot of stress.

First, since formal gowns are not cheap, you want to have plenty of time to try on different styles of full length petite dresses for wedding and find what suits you the best.

Sometimes you may need alterations, so you want to make sure you have ample time to do that.

Last but not the least, formal gowns also request more thoughtful choices for the accessories such as the jewelry, bags and shoes that go with them.  You need to make sure to spend enough time to put the whole ensemble together.

Black tie wedding dress code for Men

Traditionally, tuxedo and accessories are the preferred attire for men to attend a black tie wedding.  Typically the ensemble includes a  black dinner jacket (tuxedo), and matching dress pants, a black formal waistcoat or black cummerbund, a white formal shirt, a black bow tie, black dress socks and black formal shoes.  While white tie is strictly regulated, black tie can have more options.  For instance, the waistcoat is optional. Also, you can wear a black long tie instead of bow tie.

What is a black tie optional (formal) wedding

Black tie optional still means the couple want guests to dress up, but it means even more flexibility for the wedding guests to choose from what they want to wear.

Black tie optional wedding dress code for women

In stead of formal petite dresses for wedding (gown), women can wear cocktail attire as long as it is dressy enough.  You choices are not limited to just dresses either, it could be jumpsuits, separates and anything else appropriate for the venue.  The keyword here is still “dressy”.

Black tie optional wedding dress code for Men

Instead of a tuxedo, men can wear a dark suit (navy or dark grey are perfect).  Instead of a bow tie, men can wear a neck tie.  Men should wear the suit with a pressed dress shirt and a solid tie to dress it up. Black tie is most safe, even though it is not strictly expected.

What to is a cocktail attire (semi-formal) wedding

ocktail attire might be one of the most popular wedding guest dress codes, because it falls between formal and casual.  The wedding couple is giving guests a lot flexibility in terms of choices.  In terms of formality, this is one step down from the “black-tie optional”, and you have a lot more options to let your personality shine.

Cocktail attire wedding dress code for women

Put on your best cocktail dress and pair it with your favorite jewelry.  Don’t restrict your choices to only wedding guest dresses either.  You can totally wear a dressy jumpsuit and put on a pair of stiletto.  Some sparkling jewelry will give your wedding guest look a nice finish touch.  If you are not a big dress or jumpsuit person, opt for a nice blouse with a pair of well tailored dress pants or palazzo pants made of fine quality fabrics like silk.

Your options are not limited to dress, either. There are many other outfits you can wear, as long as they fit in the dressy and celebrative ambiance of the cocktail attire wedding. To name a few, jumpsuit works great for weddings because they are automatically dressy.  Or, A satin blouse and dress pants are another great option, when you want something different than dresses for wedding.

Cocktail attire wedding dress code for Men

Men also have more options.  The best news is most men can most likely wear the items they already own in their closet (instead of getting a tuxedo like requested by the more formal dress codes).  Men can wear a dark suit – solid dark navy or charcoal are perfectly appropriate

What is a beach formal wedding

This means the wedding is taking place at a beach venue, and the wedding couple want the guests to dress in elegant attire that suits the beach theme (think the sun, the ocean and the sands).  If you have not been to an event with “beach formal” dress code before, just think about what you would wear to a fine dining restaurants by the beach.

Beach formal wedding dress code for women

You have many choices for beach wedding guest dresses, and you can consider this an opportunity to wear your favorite sun dress. If you do opt for a dress, a maxi dress is perfect for the beach theme.  Or, you could also choose a  tea length or knee length dress.

On the other hand, dresses are not your only option to wear to a beach wedding.  If you are not a dress person in general, there are many other outfits you can wear and they are totally appropriate for weddings. you could consider a palazzo pants for a beach wedding or a destination wedding.

Beach formal wedding dress code for men

Since the wedding venue is by the beach, a summer suit with a linen shirt and linen pants are the best.  No ties are required.

What is a daytime (or casual) wedding

Casual normally means there is no strict restriction for what the wedding guests should wear.  Does that mean you can put on your favorite T-shirt and jeans?  Since this is a wedding, it is still a formal event at the end of the day.  You should still dress appropriately to show the respect for the couple, their family and other wedding guests.

Daytime (causal) wedding dress code for women

The best petite dresses for wedding?  Be yourself and pick out what you feel like is most YOU.  As long as it’s not too tight, too short, or too revealing, you are good to go.  If you are not a big fan of dresses, it is perfectly fine to wear separates as well.  A feminine blouse and a pair of well fitted dress pants will work out nicely for the occasion.

petite wedding guest dresses
Photo: Shutterstock

Daytime (causal) wedding dress code for men

Even though the invitation says “casual”, that is not giving out the pass to wear jeans and sneakers.  For the men, a button down shirt or polo shirts are appropriate for this dress code.

What to wear if there is no dress code on wedding invitation

It is totally possible that the couple do not put the dress code on the wedding invitation. When that happens, always try to be on the dressier side. If you have to take a guess game, it is always wise to be slightly overdressed than to be underdressed. After all, this is a wedding, the most important day of the couple.

As much as we want to say the dresses for wedding should be all about you expressing your individual style, wedding is one of those occasions where you do need to pay close attention to the etiquette and be mindful of the dos and don’ts.

When the wedding season comes around, it always pays to be prepared if you anticipate to hear good news from your bestie or cousins, even though you have not received the wedding invitation yet.

Since “white tie” hardly comes around, and even “black tie” is not as commonly seen as the other less formal wedding dress code, do you need a formal gown? If your budget allows, having a gown will make sure you are totally prepared. If you happen to get an invitation that says “white tie” or “black tie” dress code, you will not be in the panic mode.  Even though they don’t happen every day, you want to avoid the last minute rush shopping when they do happen.

Top 14 Things that Make You Look Heavier

Do you know that the clothe you wear could be making you look heavier? Dressing your body shape is a lot about illusion and proportion – whether for the better or worse. Half the battle is understanding what NOT to do.

There are some fairly common mistakes women make with clothing that make them look heavier, this list is diving in to some of those things so you have more knowledge to utilize for your wardrobe choices. If your goal is to look slimmer, avoid these by all cost and opt for clothing that can make you look more slender.

Oversized sweatshirt

what makes you look fat

As trendy as oversized pieces are right now, they’re a tricky trend to wear because they do make the wearer look heavier.

As a whole, when there is a garment that is very oversized and loose in it’s going to widen your body shape – this is simply due to the fact that the more fabric there is, visually the larger the body looks.

Of course, if this is a trend that you really enjoy wearing no one is stopping you from enjoying to wear it. If you do choose to wear it, try to balance out the oversized fit with other pieces that are more form fitting.

Skinny belt

what makes you look bigger

Ok, if this sounds surprising to you- let me explain.

Skinny belt, if used wisely, can be a great piece to elevate your look. But, in general, they are very hard to wear, the reason being they draw all the attention to your waist.

If you happen to have a tiny waist, sure, skinny belt works for you. But, most of us, especially as we age, lose some of our waist definition as we go through life. Even if you were an hourglass when you were younger, you may still get a tummy as you get older.

Worse yet, if you have a muffin top, skinny belt is only going to make your waist look even bigger, by forming a sharp contrast with your bulging stomach.

So, if you do not want your midriffs to look more noticeable, skinny belt is a no-go!

Billowy tops

what makes you look fat

Different from just an oversized silhouette is making an effort to actually hid behind clothing. This can be done various ways but the problem that often arises is you end up looking heavier than you are in an attempt to hide.

Most often when hiding behind clothes, people resort to wearing clothing that doesn’t fit close to the body and is very loose or flowy in its fit.

The intention, of course, is to hide the belly or the big bum.

However, all that ‘extra’ fabric ends up adding weight and bulk.

As difficult as it may be to step into more figure-flattering options, clothing that (at the minimum) shows where your shape is at is always going to be a more flattering route.

Plus, it can be a great confidence boost that really allows you to step into embracing your body.

Chunky sweaters

what clothing makes you look heavy

This is another trend that can easily add 10 pounds to your body!

Even though these are very popular and they can come across as “cute”, if you are concerned about looking heavier, you should skip the chunky knits.

What makes it worse is that most of these chunky sweaters also come with super long sleeves- the aesthetic is a relaxed fit and casual look, but this is certainly not a good option for women who do not want to look bigger than they are.

Heavy Shoes

what not to wear if you want to look slender

Yes, shoes can play a role in you looking heavier in your clothing.

Chunky, or heavy, shoes have a way of dragging the eye down on the body which is something that lends to the body looking drawn down and heavier.

Instead of super heavy shoes, stick with options that are more streamlined and in proportion to the rest of your body. Heavy shoes can be anything from sneakers to pumps and everything in between.

It’s common to see the heaviness in a shoe come from the sole, if you notice a very thick or ‘heavy’ sole that’s where you’ll want to proceed with caution.

Ill-fitting undergarments

Believe it or not, undergarments that don’t fit properly are one of the most common mistakes that lead to women looking heavier in their clothing.

Think of undergarments as the foundation to any outfit.

If the foundation is off so is the rest of the look. Because undergarments play such a big role in the way clothing fits and lays on the body, when that fit is ‘off’ it’s hard to get things to fit the body the way they’re intended – which is what causes a heavier look to occur.

Style experts have long preached the importance of getting fitted regularly for undergarments and this is a big reason why.

Not to mention because there are still so many women wearing the incorrect sizes.

If you haven’t before, head to a specialist to get sized for your undergarments. Keep in mind this isn’t something that’s done once in a lifetime. Because our bodies change as we age, getting refitted is something to make a point of doing at least once a year.

Body con dresses

what makes you look heavier

On the opposite end of oversized clothes, clothing that’s too tight in fit can also cause you to appear heavier. Anytime a garment has pulling or tugging due to fitting too tight it that area of the body is going to be accentuated.

Focus on proper fit of clothing.

If there are areas where a clothing item prevents easy movement, scrunches or pulls – those are some good signs to look out for that something is fitting too tightly. Remember clothes should be comfortable when the fit is right.

clothes that add weight

High necklines

what makes you look heavy

Drawing focus to the slimmest areas of the body is a stylist’s hack to creating a slimmer aesthetic.

This means, that when we close off those slimmer areas of the body we’re running the risk of appearing larger because they’re hidden behind clothes.

Turtlenecks, for example, are a tricky neckline to wear without looking heavier.

They not only hide the neck and chest area of the body but because it’s closed off it cuts the body and creates a heavier look.

Open necklines are often a much more flattering route to go that won’t have you looking heavier. No need to worry, deep necklines aren’t necessary to achieve this even just a slight open v-neck will do the trick.

Cropped tops

There are many tops that can fall under the “cropped length” category. If you style them correctly, they can be one of the most flattering pieces, especially if you happen to be short.

However, the problem arises when your cropped top is “too cropped”, i.e. they expose your stomach.

This is especially unflattering if you happen to have a midriff concern and the cropped top is bringing all the attention to what you don’t want others to notice.

Does that mean you need to skip all the crop tops if you want to look slimmer?

Not at all!

You just need to style them strategically, i.e. wearing with high waist pieces that counterbalance the short tops and elongate your legs. That can turn cropped tops into some of the greatest staples in your wardrobe.

Oversized jackets

what doesn't look good if you are heavy
Like anything else, if a jacket is oversized, they will make you look heavier.

Because the cut of the jacket is loose, it will inevitably make you look bigger than you actually are.

This gets even worse, if your underlayers are also bulky.

In general, if you want to look more slender, go for a jacket that is tailored and fits closer to your body.

Clinging fabrics

The interesting fact is as we gain weight, we tend to prefer stretchy fabrics, because they are more comfortable.

Stretchy fabrics come in many different kinds. The issue is if they are too flimsy and lack weight, they will be clinging to your body, making you look heavier.

So, if your goal is to look more slender, go for fabrics that are more structured and have enough weight to hold their own shape!

Busy prints and patterns

Colors, prints and patterns are all great ways to express yourself and play around with fashion. However, busy options can be a hard one to wear in a flattering way.

Anything that overwhelms the body, whether it’s the silhouette or print, gives the body the appearance of a larger proportion. This isn’t to say avoid prints and patterns at all costs though.

Definitely have fun with this area, just make sure the prints and/or patterns you’re wearing aren’t overwhelming you or the area of the body they’re on.

Try to keep the scale of the print proportionate to the rest of your body or slightly smaller. Steer clear of prints that are extra large in their scale.

clothes that add weight

Overdone layers

Layering is another really fun way to show off your personal style. However just like with anything it can be overdone. Too much layering can cause added bulk to the body. Keep layers streamlined and make sure that the outline of your body shape is still visible – this will prevent a lot of bulk from occurring.

Another great tip is to try creating balance with layered pieces.

For example, if you’re layering a heavy sweater add balance to that by layering it with a silk blouse underneath – this gives you the layered look without bulking up your frame.

clothes that add weight

Sheer fabrics

Sheer fabrics adds the illuminating effect to your outfit.  Therefore, they can make you look bigger than you actually are.

They are good for certain occasions like parties but that’s pretty much it.

If you are looking for outfit to make you look more slender, especially if you happen to be on the curvy side, in general you should go with something that shrinks your mid section and avoid sheer fabrics which adds more volume to you overall.

9 Must-Know Tips to Find the Best Petite Long Dresses

One of the most common misconceptions about dressing as a petite is the belief that you can’t wear long dresses. I’ve read countless style tip articles that have mentioned petite women avoid anything long, and, petites are better off with short dresses.

While it all makes sense from a logical stand point, I have noticed long dresses are actually extremely flattering for a short girl like me.

If you’ve been interested in trying long dresses as a petite, but hesitate to do so- you’re in the right place.

Floor length dress shouldn’t drag

This may seem somewhat obvious, but, as a petite girl, length is key to choosing a long dress and it looking great on you.

There are a few things to take into consideration, when you are choosing the length of a petite long dress.

First, a floor length dress shouldn’t be dragging on the floor.

Instead, any floor length dress like a maxi dress (or otherwise) should fall at the back of your toes for reference.

Choose the midi length wisely

Now, if you’re looking at a longer dress that isn’t full length but somewhere between your knees and ankles, you will want to make sure the hemline is either above or below the widest part of your calf.

Why is this the case?

If you choose a dress that hits you at the widest part of your calf, it accentuates the widest part of the leg that is exposed.

Besides, it tends to visually shorten you.

Instead, when you select a dress that’s right above or below that area you get more of a lengthening effect.

I don’t have to tell you how important that tip is as a petite!

Favor fitted silhouette

If you are short like me, long dresses can easily overwhelm your body shape.

Because long dresses do have a lot more fabric to them than a shorter dress (obviously), it’s crucial that you choose a long dress that flatters your shape.

There are a few key traits to look for when selecting petite long dresses to ensure that they are figure flattering.

One trait to look for is that the long dress isn’t too loose in its silhouette and fit.

If you select a long dress that’s also very flowy with even MORE fabrics, it will overwhelm your shape tremendously.

Instead, look for a long dress that fits closer to your body. This isn’t to say you have to wear something that’s skin tight, just as long as we see where you are!

Accentuate your waistline

Another trait to look for in petite long dresses is that it emphasizes your waistline. Many women tend to be afraid to bring attention to their waistline in fear that it will make them look bigger, but it’s actually the opposite.

This is important for all women but plays an even bigger role for petite women. Choose a long dress that has a waistband, empire waist fit or can be easily belted. This will create an elongated leg line when you wear the dress and create a much more figure flattering aesthetic. It’s ALL about proportions when dressing as a petite!

Solid color works best

Now that there are more options than ever available, you’re probably wondering about whether or not you need to consider the color and/or print of the dress.

Generally speaking the most flattering options to select a solid color.

The reason this is a common style tip is because when you have one solid color, it creates a long line on the body, there isn’t anything cutting off your shape or anything like that.

Avoid large prints

Just because we are petite, it doesn’t mean we want to feel restricted to only wearing solid colors in your long dresses.

Short women can most definitely wear printed long dresses!

The #1 thing to consider if you are choosing a printed long dress is the size of the print itself.

Scale of prints is a HUGE factor when it comes to long dresses and figure flattery.

In short, avoid really large scale prints. Think about it this way: the larger the print the more overwhelming it can and will be on your body. Since you are a petite woman you want something that will compliment your size and shape.

Color Block when you can

Of course another stylish option is to get the best of both worlds, and choose a petite long dress that’s solid on the top and printed on the bottom.

This will give you an elongated shape, because it gives the illusion of your legs starting wherever the solid color stops.

PLUS, it brings some of the focus to the top half of your body.

The most flattering necklines

what to wear with a maxi skirt

If you are petite, I suggest you focus on the neckline of the dress.

You probably know by now that different necklines create a different look on every kind of garment.

This is critical for long dresses in particular, because of the long length of the dress.

Remember when I mentioned long dresses have more fabric, in turn, can overwhelm a petite frame?

One of my favorite tricks to pull off a long length with confidence is opting for a neckline that shows a bit of skin.

Think of:

  • v-neck
  • scoop neck
  • off the shoulder
  • strapless

A neckline that isn’t completely closed off at the top opens up the feel of the dress, which tremendously helps keep it from overwhelming your petite frame.

In addition, a more open neckline brings more focus to your top half and elongates your neckline. Double win if you ask us!

Dress to the occasion

can short girls wear long dresses

Long dresses can be casual or formal.

Depending on what occasions you are shopping for and what budget you have, you should choose different style, fabrics and length that are the best for the event.

Wear petite size

I highly recommend you first look in the petite department, if you want a long dresses that fit you best.

There are more and more petite brands/stores that are offering a wide variety of dresses for petites.

Because length is such a key factor with long dresses, it’s best to select your long dresses from the petite specific sizing.

This will help you avoid (some) of the alternations on length with long dresses.

Find a good tailor

Photo: Shutterstock

Ladies, don’t feel bad about needing to get a long dress tailored either!

Regardless of your height, needing alterations for the perfect fit in a long dress is incredibly common.

Not to mention you will be so much more comfortable in a dress that has been properly tailored to fit your body.

You won’t have to deal with fussing with it as you wear it or feeling like the dress is wearing you instead of YOU wearing the dress.

The right length for you will be based upon your exact height and the length/style of the dress itself. Even if you have got your dress from a petite size store, keep in mind that you may still need some alterations on petite long dresses to get the PERFECT fit.

For instance, if you are under 5 feet tall, then even the petite size long dresses might still be too long for you, since they are made according to the stats of 5’4″ tall.  In that case, sending it to the tailor to get you the ideal length is the right move. Or, it could just be that you prefer the hemline to rest a bit higher than it is on your body.

Wear the right shoes

You’ve heard it before…shoes can make OR break an outfit. This couldn’t be more true when wearing petite long dresses, either. As a petite woman you don’t want to wear something that can cause you to look shorter or weigh you down in any sense. Instead, always focus on choosing clothing and outfits that flatter your shape. Believe it or not the shoes we wear can play a huge role in how figure flattering a long dress is on us.

When styling your petite long dresses always focus on shoes that don’t cut off your leg line or bring ALL of the attention to your feet. This is what causes shoes to make an outfit weigh you down. You will want to instead pair shoes that create a more streamlined look with your long dresses. Most often high heels are going to be one of the best options when wearing a petite long dress. High heels instantly lengthen your shape and give you some height.

That being said, we realize that you may not want to wear high heels every day or you may not be able to wear them at all. The good news is even though you’re petite you can still wear flats with a long dress. Just make sure you consider what type of flats you’re wearing with your long dresses. We suggest to consider wearing neutral colors that are close to your skin tone when wearing flats with a petite long dress. Hues like a nude or light metallic are great color options for flats. These colors will give the illusion of an elongated leg line when paired with long dresses, without the need to wear high heels.

Petite shopping secret: bring different shoe options with you as you try on long dresses. This will give you a better idea as to how they will look on you and make your decision process much easier!

What Clothes Make You Look Older

Personal style is a powerful way to express yourself and make a positive impression. While style can provide us with the opportunity to show our best selves, it can also have a negative impact – in the sense that clothes can make use look older than we are.

Continue reading to learn some of the most common style practices that age women.


what clothing makes you look older

This is the number one on our “what not to wear” list if your goal is to avoid looking older!

Some of the well known clothing brands that cater to the mature ladies especially love making capris year after year, so that probably means there is a market for this kind of pants amongst the older ladies.

However, capri pants are like the “signature” style of older age!

Yes, these pants can be very comfortable, and convenient, but they are an awkward length that hardly looks good on women of any height.

Besides, these can look disastrous on someone with short legs, because, they can totally make your legs look cut-off.

It’s not that capris will never work. Like everything else, there are exceptions. However, it takes a lot of thoughts and effort to make them look good. If you want to save yourself all that effort, it’s much easier to ditch the Capri length and go with full length pants which can easily make you look younger.

Tunic Tops

what not to wear if you don't want to look old

Tunic length is another style that can easily add 10 years to your age.

As we age, it’s totally normal that we gain weight, especially around our tummy or on our bum. Therefore, plenty of mature ladies assume that in order to hide that muffin top or bigger bum, it’s necessary to wear something that covers everything, such as a tunic top.

Sure, if you don’t want to expose your midriffs, you should stay away from crop tops. On the other hand, if your top is too long, like the tunic, it can also make you look much older than you actually are!

The issue is when you wear these tops, you lose your waist definition, and they can turn you into a “long body and short leg” shape that nobody wants.

There ARE ways to make tunic tops work, i.e. you literally need to make sure everything else in your outfit looks youthful and up-to-date.

But, if you don’t have a lot of time to figure out how to make it work, the easiest is to skip the tunic length and get a shorter top!

Midi Skirts

what clothing ages you

Midi length skirts have been trending for quite some time, and while they can definitely look great and flattering on many body types these longer length styles can also make you appear older.

This particularly pertains to skirt styles that are long and give a frumpy aesthetic.

Typically a longer hem length looks frumpy when the longer length is paired with a silhouette that’s too voluminous or flowy – loosing the shape of the body.

If you want your midi skirts to look more youthful, go for high waisted options!

The higher waist styles elongates the leg line and makes the body look longer and leaner as opposed to frumpy and older.

Midi dresses

wat clothing makes you look old

Same as midi skirts, it’s no surprise that midi dresses can also age you.

Instead, favoring lengths that are JUST above the knee tend to be the most flattering on all body types and help give a more youthful appearance.

That being said, if you want to wear some of these longer length styles without looking older there are a couple of things to pay close attention to.

First, the silhouette or shape. Choose options that show the outline of the body to avoid that frumpiness, like an A line midi dress.

Second, go with a midi dress that has a slit! This is a wonderful design that can add the right amount of “spice” to your midi dress to make you look youthful, while not looking revealing!

Ill Fitting Bras

what clothing ages you

Regardless of your age, wearing bras that don’t fit properly is a quick way to look older and less polished.

Not to mention, as we age our bodies change – especially the chest area of the body.

That’s why it’s SO important to get fitted regularly and make sure to adjust sizing and new bras as necessary.

Most style experts suggest getting resized at least once a year, even if it’s just checking to ensure the current size is correct.

Pay close attention to the bras in your wardrobe, the styles that best suit you may change over the years as well. The proper fitting and style bras make a major difference in your overall look.

Never Wearing Color

what clothing ages you

So many people feel as though they have to stick to dark colors, like black, as they get older.

Of course, black is always a classic, easy color choice it’s not the only one.

However, black isn’t and shouldn’t be the only color in your wardrobe.

In fact, never wearing color can play a big role in making you look older than you are.

That being said, it’s a good idea to start adding more color into your wardrobe (if you don’t already). Find a couple of colors that flatter your skin, hair and eye colors and work the color into your wardrobe that way. Even if it’s just adding a couple of color pieces, it can make a huge impact on your overall style.

Baggy Clothing

Sure, wearing bagging clothing may be ‘comfortable’ but it often gives an older aesthetic to an outfit. T

This is particularly true when clothing that isn’t meant to have an oversized fit, is baggy.

This is where having an understanding of the proper fit of a garment. You’ve likely run into garments that are designed to have a looser or oversized fit, this is much different than intentionally wearing something baggier than it is meant to fit.

As we get older, it’s always recommended to opt for more tailored clothing options.

clothes making you look older

Not only do they show your shape a bit better but they also offer a more polished, youthful vibe that can be quite impactful.

Go through your wardrobe to make a thorough determination as to whether or not the fit of the clothing is proper in the majority of your clothing.

If you’ve been wearing pieces that are a couple of sizes too big, now is a great time to either get those items tailored to fit better or move on to better options altogether.

Dressing Too Matchy-Matchy

Obviously we want our outfits to look great and put together but there is a difference between creating an outfit that goes and one that’s overly matchy-matchy.

While ‘matching’ is a great way to style an outfit, over doing it with the matching pieces tends to look older and outdated.

Try breaking up some of those matchy-matchy pieces to create a more modern twist to an outfit.

For example, if you have a sweater set you always wear as the ‘set’ try separating the pieces and wearing them individually with different items from your closet.

Another example is with accessories.

Instead of wearing the same color handbag, bracelet and shoes – break up the colors or patterns for a whole new look. This is something you can really begin to have fun with!

Frumpy Footwear

what makes you look old

It had to be said. Especially because footwear plays such a huge role in the overall look of an outfit.

The age old saying “shoes make or break an outfit” isn’t just reserved for menswear, but definitely applies to women’s fashion as well.

Any shoes that give that outdated, frumpy look are going to instantly age an outfit (and you).

These types of shoes can be anything from outdated styles to shoes that are too bulky and create a frumpy aesthetic to the body. Ditch the frump and stick with shoes that are modern and sophisticated.

Even more classic, simple shoe styles can be a better option for an overall much more youthful appearance. Fortunately, if comfort is an issue there are now plenty of brands and styles that offer the comfort factor and look stylish.

clothes making you look older

Out of Date Glasses

Even the glasses worn can have an affect!

The way we dress really is all about the details that are combined to create the entire look and play a role in how old, or young, we appear.

This is why glasses, and sunglasses, also play a role. Really anything that we ‘wear’ whether it’s big or small is something to pay close attention to.

If you’re still wearing glass frames that were on trend many years ago, it may be a good time to get an updated pair to add a more youthful touch.

Wearing Too Many Accessories

Having fun with fashion doesn’t have an age, but there is such a thing as wearing ‘too much’ as we get older. This is particularly because overdoing it with clothing, especially in the accessory department, can overwhelm the body and look outdated rather quickly.

Take a tip from Coco Chanel herself and take one item off before leaving the house.

clothes making you look older

This will hep ensure you’re not overdoing it with accessories and dating yourself.

What Jeans Make Your Bum Look Good

Most women can relate to wanting their bum to look good in the jeans they wear.

After many years of trial and error, I have discovered here’s the 6 best types of jeans that can make your bum look rounder and lifted!

High Waisted Jeans

Hopefully you aren’t tired of hearing about high waisted jeans because not only are they trendy, but they offer a lot of figure flattery benefits to them. One of the most commonly known benefits of high rise jeans is the leg lengthening but the bum also gets a nice lift in the process.

Regardless if you have a big bum or flat bum, due to the rise of this style denim sitting higher up on the body, high waisted jeans help to give the illusion of an hourglass figure. We often hear about the lifted effect benefiting the length of legs, but it does the same thing to the back of our bodies – bums included.

High rise jeans tend to give bums a perkier appearance, and can sometimes make it look more rounded depending upon the placement of pockets and such.

Stretchy Skinny Jeans

Another go to jean choice for your bum is always going to be a great pair of stretchy skinny jeans. Regardless of what the TikTokers are saying about skinny jeans there’s no denying they do wonders to flattering and enhancing curves. In fact, skinny jeans are one of the best jeans to make your bum look bigger.

It’s important to opt for a pair of skinny jeans that have some stretch to them, the stretch not only makes them more comfortable to wear but also help to hug the body and your natural curves. When shopping for stretchy skinny jeans it’s best to choose a pair that either won’t stretch TOO much with wear, or buy them where they’re a bit snug to give you some room for the give that happens with wear.

The main reason stretchy skinny jeans make the bum look so good is because of the way they fit close to the body. This is why choosing the right size and fit is so important. If the jeans get too loose throughout wear they’ll end up bunching and falling in a not so flattering way.

Sculpting Jeans

In today’s fashion world there are SO many brands and styles available to consumers. With that has also come the rise in different technologies being introduced into clothing, especially denim.

In fact, many brands now offer jeans that are specifically designed with sculpting and/or lifting technology. This ‘technology’ has been found to work wonders for flattering the bum, and that’s what much of the purpose of it is.

If you feel like you’ve tried a lot of the popular brands and nothing really works for you, it may be worth seeking out brands or styles that offer this special technology. Generally, you will find that they will have sculpting or lifting within the name of the style jean to make it an easier search.

High Placement Pockets

Pockets and the placement of them play a huge role in how flattering jeans are going to be on the bum. Most style experts suggest avoiding jeans that have no back pockets, unless you have a curvy bum to begin with. Pocketless pants, otherwise, are much harder to wear and enhance the bum in the process.

If you haven’t in the past, now is the time to begin paying closer attention to the types of pockets that are on jeans. A good rule of thumb is to seek out back pockets that sit a bit higher up on the body. This means avoiding low placement pockets.

Pockets that sit low on the bum are going to drag the bum downward, which isn’t the most flattering to that part of the body. Instead, when the pockets sit a bit higher on the body it helps to make the bum look lifted.

Mid-Sized Back Pockets

While on the topic of back pockets, because they’re so influential to flattering the bum, in addition to the placement of pockets it’s essential to choose jeans that offer the right size pockets. Yes even the scale of the pockets are going to either work with or against the bum.

When choosing the right size pockets it’s really all about selecting an option that’s right in the middle. Mid-size is going to be the most universally flattering pocket size.

Pockets that are very small in comparison to your shape is going to make them look oddly scaled. If your goal is to make your bum look smaller, go with bigger size pockets.

On the flip side, pockets that are too big for your shape are going to take up too much space and be a little overwhelming.

If you’re unsure about the size of pockets in relation to your shape, when trying on a pair of jeans, always do a turn and check out how the pockets look on your body. It will be pretty evident as to whether or not they’re too big or too small for your shape.

When the pockets are perfectly scaled to your shape they will lift and enhance your natural curves, making your bum look great.

Deep ‘Yoke’

The ‘yoke’ of jeans is going to be the area in the back that sits below the waistband of jeans. It generally has a v-shape to it that rests between the waistband and pocket area of denim.

Now that you know what the yoke of jeans is, it’s important to pay close attention to where it sits on your body and the appearance of it. More often than not a yoke that’s a little deeper in the ‘v-shape’ is going to be more flattering on the bum.

The deeper v-shape helps to accentuate the natural curves of the bum area of the body, giving your bum major enhancement. It’s not uncommon to find jeans with various yoke placements, or even no yoke at all.

Anytime you’re looking to enhance the bum you’ll want to avoid yoke-less jeans and opt for something that’s more exaggerated in the v-shape.

What to Wear to Make You Look Younger

Let’s face it, most of us are constantly striving to look younger. Whether it’s with skin care, makeup, or even the way we dress. Looking younger than we actually are is a common goal for women all over the world. Fortunately, there are some ways you can look younger with clothes.

Keep reading to learn some of the best tips on what to wear to make you look younger.

Fitted Garments

Clothing that fits and shows the natural shape of the body is always the most flattering option and by default provides a more youthful appearance.

While oversized, loosing fitting silhouettes are all the rage this year, they are best left alone when the goal is to appear younger.

The problem with these looser fitting styles is they have a tendency of making the overall look of the body appear bigger, and sometimes more frumpy than it is.

This is why well fitting options are a better route.

Wear Prints Sparingly

Big, bold prints are easy to overwhelm the individual wearing them and can easily date an outfit and make you look older.

That’s the reason prints should be worn sparingly when the style goal is looking younger.

Not to mention, bold print trends tend to come and go rather quickly in the rotation and can lead to them being difficult to look updated.

Solid colors, or prints that are a bit more muted or subtle are much better options primarily because they offer a more streamlined look.

Less is more in this case.

If prints are something you really enjoy wearing, try sticking with small pops of prints in accessories to get the best of both worlds.

Pants with Minimal Detailing

what makes you look younger

Pants with things like bulky pockets, pleating, or even just excess bunching around the hip and waist area are best to be avoided.

All of these details tend to lead to making an outfit look outdated and older.

Instead, stick with pants that are very minimal in the silhouette and detailing.

Skip the pleats and stick to pants that offer a sleek look.

To really hone in on this tip you can even try seeking out pants options that are zipper free for a truly sleek look.

Similar to the way well fitting clothing shows your shape, pants that are sleek and don’t have a lot of those ‘extras’ will help tremendously in appearing younger.

Classic Pieces instead of Trends

how to look younger

Trends have always been known as short lived styles that tend to cater to the super young crowd.

Of course, this isn’t to say that you can’t ever wear trendy pieces, but it is to say that trends should be worn minimally when the goal is to look younger.

This may seem counterintuitive but the truth is wearing pieces that are geared towards younger age groups will make you look older than you are.

Instead of focusing heavily on trends, keep the majority of your wardrobe classic and sophisticated. Add in trend pieces here and there that really speak to your own personal style and personality for the perfect touch.

Minimally Accessorize

how to look younger

Building off of the concept mentioned with bold prints, accessories are another area of the wardrobe to keep on the minimal size to look younger.

While bold costume jewelry and accessories can be fun, anytime there are pieces that are very loud and bold you run the risk of them overwhelming the wearer and looking older.

If you’re an accessory lover this certainly doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them, just air on the side of caution and try favoring minimalist designs.

Add Colors to your Wardrobe

Neutrals and darker hues are often favored by women everywhere because of how easy they make dressing. While they’re something to keep in your wardrobe, don’t be afraid to embrace colors.

In fact, adding some color is a really great way to brighten your wardrobe AND brighten your appearance – helping you look younger wearing said colors.

If adding a lot of colorful garments to your wardrobe feels like a bit too much, try embracing color with things like accessories to get that little extra brightness to the look.

Purge Any Pieces that are Worn Out

It probably goes without saying that wearing clothes that look worn out have an affect on your own appearance, particularly in regards to age.

Make it a point to go through your closet every so often to purge any pieces that look worn, dated and are just overall past their prime.

Many style experts suggest doing a thorough closet clean out 1-2 times per year to keep your wardrobe fresh and tidy.

Make sure to pay close attention to colors as well. It’s no uncommon for colors to loose their vibrancy and for dark colors to look dingy.

Show Off Your Asset(s)

Revive your style and look years younger by embracing your assets.

This can be a tricky one for women but we all have an area(s) that we can bring more focus towards. Whether you have great legs, arms, etc.

Find ways to begin dressing in a way that really shows these areas of the body off in a tasteful manner. Contrary to what many women believe, covering up your entire body isn’t necessary as we get older.

Show off those assets!

Of course, you can do so in a way that is still age appropriate because showing too much can have a negative effect.

For example: if you want to show off your lean legs wear slim fit pants or a dress that rests just above the knee. These are both options that will show your legs that don’t include an ultra mini length skirt.

Avoid Oversized Silhouettes

While there’s a lot of 90’s influence in fashion right now with oversized silhouettes being just about everywhere, they aren’t the most age friendly options.

Any clothing that’s oversized in its silhouette runs the risk of aging the wearer.

To put it simply, these styles look frumpy rather than trendy as we get older. Instead of these trendy silhouettes it’s best to stick to garments that are more classic in their silhouette.

In general, it’s always more flattering to the body and age wise to opt for clothing that fits closer to the body showing more shape.

Avoid Outdated Shoes

Another major area that can age you? Shoes!

While a lot of people feel like shoes don’t play a big role in style because they don’t take up as much space on the body, they can make or break an entire look.

Outdated shoe styles, in particular, can instantly age you.

This isn’t to say that trendy shoe styles are necessary, in fact that isn’t really the best route to go either. Rather, sticking with more classic shoes styles is always going to be the best bet that ensures they aren’t aging you.

While on the topic of shoes, try steering clear of any shoes that are very bulky. These shoe styles weigh down the body and can also play a role in appearing frumpy. Keep shoes simple and classic.

Avoid Hanging On to Outdated Clothing

It’s not always easy getting rid of clothes you love and may have had for a long time.

However, this is a tried and true way to look older.

In fact, many style experts suggest it’s a mistake many women make – holding onto clothing that’s past its prime and outdated.

Dressing extremely trendy isn’t necessary, it’s really just about keeping your wardrobe updated and avoiding holding onto anything that’s worn out or looks like it was ultra trendy in the past.

9 Best Necklines for a Flat Chest

Do you have a flat chest? You’re in the right place because this is a breakdown of some of the most common necklines in fashion that will flatter your body type the best.

Realize it or not the neckline on a top, or dress, can completely change the aesthetic of an outfit. There’s a reason why style experts often stress paying attention to the details when it comes to fashion – they play a big role in the overall look. Of course, the details that work for some may not be as flattering on others.

This is particularly true for different body types. As women we’re all shaped different. It takes a little time and experimenting to figure out what works for your shape the best.

Boat Neckline

Neckline for a Flat Chest

This is a neckline that can be difficult for some body types to wear, but it’s one to embrace with a flat chest. The reason it’s difficult is because of the widening effect it has on the torso – not ideal for women with a larger chest. However, this is why it works so well with a flat chest.

The subtly wide shape of the boat neck gives the body this wonderful balance, compared to the hips and waist. With a flat chest this is an easy way to achieve a more cohesive body shape.

All that being said, if you have a flat chest and very broad shoulder this isn’t necessarily going to be the best neckline for you. Going back to the widening effect the boat neck provides, when worn with broad shoulders it will accentuate that attribute.

Turtle neck

what makes you look heavy

This is one of the most “basic” necklines out there, yet they look great on women with a smaller bust.

When you wear a turtle neck, they can create the illusion of a fuller chest because the neckline goes up high and cover your neck and bust fully.

In the fall and winter, turtle neck is the most common neckline design for sweaters and other knit tops. Whether you go for a relaxed fit or a tighter fit, turtle neck can make a flat chest look quite feminine.


Neckline for a Flat Chest

Truth be told the v neckline is one that flatters nearly every body type. It’s versatility is quite impressive. Of course, it had to be mentioned on this list because it’s definitely one to favor with a flat chest.

Many women with a flat chest tend to avoid this neckline, in fear it may bring more focus to a more minimal chest. Fortunately, the shape and illusion a v-neckline creates on the body flatters and enhances this.

The v shape of the neckline itself adds a subtle feminine aesthetic to an outfit, and your shape. Even without a deep, plunging v this is achieved beautifully. This is a great option to wear anytime you want to create the illusion of a fuller bust.

Scoop Neckline

Neckline for a Flat Chest

Another neckline that flatters a wide range of body types, is also something to enjoy wearing with a flat chest is the scoop neckline. This particular neckline is very similar to the v-neckline in the way it flatters the body, specifically a flat chest.

One thing that many women love about a scoop neckline in particular is the softness it provides to the body and the overall look. While the v-neckline is made with sharper lines, to create the v shape, a scoop shape is much softer aesthetically.

Fortunately, a scoop neck is classic and really easy to wear. Even just a minimally scooped shape will give the figure flattery benefits to a flat chest – most specifically, making the bust look fuller.

Off-the-Shoulder Neckline

Chances are you’ve seen the popularity of off-the-shoulder necklines in everything from tops to dresses over the past couple of years. Well, it’s not just a trendy but it’s also a neckline that can be incredibly flattering with a flat chest.

Because of the way this neckline sits across the shoulder area, it draws a lot of focus to that area of the body which gives this great illusion of the chest area being fuller than it is naturally.

Think of the way this sits on the body as establishing a horizontal line across the shoulders. While horizontal lines have gotten a bad rap, they work well when dressing with illusions. Horizontal widens and this is a good thing when dressing a flat chest.

Off the shoulder necklines are even better for a flat chest when the fabric is a bit on the flowy side, further emphasizing the illusion of a fuller chest. Play it up even more with fun prints, patterns and colors – this will only add to flattering elements with your body shape.

Asymmetrical Neckline

This neckline has been another one you’ve likely seen trending for the past couple of years. Good news is, it can really play up a flat chest and look incredible.

Because of the diagonal line that’s established with the asymmetric neckline, it draws focus towards the shoulder and the waist. In doing this it can make the chest look more full, and gives the body more of an hourglass shape.

Asymmetric necklines are one that may come as a shock because of how many body types and figures it really does flatter and enhance. If it’s new to you, make this year the one you try it out for yourself.

Ruffle neck

Now that you have a few solid neckline styles to reference for your body type, there are some other general style tips that can help you as you begin utilizing these necklines.

First up, is making use of smaller details like ruffles around the necklines.

Because ruffles add volume, they can create the illusion of a fuller upper body, let alone the feminine and elegant aesthetics we all love about the ruffled design.

This is something that can be adapted into any of the necklines, too.

Whether you are wearing a dress or a blouse, or even a T-shirt, looking for ruffles around your neck to flatter a small chest.

Embellished neckline

For a flat chest, any time you’re able to bring more focus to the chest or top half of the body the more it will add emphasis to that area – flattering a flat chest.

That is why having details like embellishments around the neck is a smart way to dress if you have a flat chest.

Bow neck

Strictly speaking, this is not a “neckline” but a neck design.

A blow blouse is a classic staple for any woman, especially for women with a smaller bust. Not only are they very feminine, but they are also very versatile as you can easily wear them to the office or for a going-out outfit.

In fact, this is the advantage of having a flat chest, because they look much better on a smaller chest than on a full bust. Since the bow adds plenty of volume to your bust area, they can totally balance out the flat chest.

The next trick to utilize is embracing more bold prints and patterns. Similar to the way things like ruffles and embellishments draw focus, prints and patterns do the same.

Bold patterns like horizontal stripes, for example, are an easy way to play with illusions when dressing. This is even more prominent when styling different necklines based on your shape.

What Body Types Look Good in Straight Leg Jeans

Jeans play a pretty big role in fashion. It’s a staple for nearly every woman’s wardrobe because of the versatility they offer.

Chances are you already have at least one or two pairs of jeans in your wardrobe currently. Knowing what style of jeans is the most flattering for your body type is one of the hardest aspects of making the most of the wardrobe staple. Much like any other garment type, really.

Straight leg jeans have become a huge trend over the past two years, with so much 90’s influence in fashion. The rise in popularity is good news for those who don’t want to wear skinny jeans, or just don’t feel that comfortable in them. Straight leg jeans are universally flattering and can make your legs look longer if you style them the right way.

But what body types look best in the straight leg jeans? This is a list of the best body types for the popular denim style.

Straight Body Type

What Body Types Look Good in Straight Leg Jeans

Chances are you have a straight (or rectangle) body type if your measurements at the bust, waist and hips are nearly the same. While you may not have natural curves, you have a lot of options when it comes to denim options that are flattering.

Straight leg jeans are one of the best styles for your shape. If you don’t already own a pair, now is the time to add some to your collection.

When selecting straight leg jeans for an straight body type, you will want to focus on a couple of specific attributes like the rise and hem length of the jeans.

The most flattering rises for an athletic shape are going to be mid rise or high rise.

Both of these are going to establish a more defined waistline, which can work wonders for your figure! Don’t forget about the hem of the jeans also.

Avoid options that are too short and too long as the length can completely change the aesthetic of the way the jeans look and flatter the body.

Athletic Body Type

who looks good in straight leg jeans

This denim style is great with an athletic body type for a couple of reasons.

First, the looser fit (compared to a skinny fit) can help create the illusion of a more curvy figure.

Second, if you have thicker thighs this style provides more comfort in that area – something that’s a major bonus for women who are athletic.

Last but not least, straight leg jeans can help lengthen your legs thanks to the straight fit.

Hourglass Body Type

If you’re lucky enough to have an hourglass body type that means you already have a distinguishable waistline and natural curves. Lucky you! While realistically almost any denim jean style is going to look great on you, straight leg is one in particular to consider wearing more often. If you’re not already, that is.

As an hourglass body type any time you can wear something that brings more focus to your natural curves and adds length to the body is going to be a big win in terms of how flattering something is on your shape. That’s why straight leg jeans are such a great choice for you.

Not only do straight leg jeans help to subtly emphasize natural curves, especially if you’re wearing a mid- or high-rise option. But they’re also able to effortlessly elongate your legs. The reason straight leg jeans are so great at lengthening the appearance of legs is because they create one long, unbroken, line down the legs.

To make the most out of straight leg jeans, make sure the hip and waist area lay flat and close to the body. Avoid any options that are very bunchy around that area as it can look ill-fitting and doesn’t exactly help flatter your figure.

Bottom Heavy Body Type

what looks good if you are petite with big bust

If your bottom half is heavier than your top half, straight legs jeans are one of the best options for your shape.

The reason is straight leg jeans skim your bottom half instead of clinging to it, unlike some other jeans types such as the skinnies.

This is going to create a more balanced overall silhouette for your bottom heavy shape.

Inverted Triangle Body Type

What Body Types Look Good in Straight Leg Jeans

You fit into the inverted triangle body type if your shoulder and bust measurements are larger than your waist and hips. Some may describe this body type as having broad shoulders and a narrower waistline.

Use proportions to flatter your figure by choosing styles and shapes that add a little more volume to the bottom half of your body. This gives the feel of a more balanced body, since your top half is on the broader side – straight leg denim jeans are the perfect option to achieve this cohesion.

Straight leg jeans are going to be one of the most flattering styles you can wear for your shape because they provide just a touch of volume to the leg and hip area. The lengthening effect they give doesn’t hurt either.

While wide leg and flare style jeans are other wonderful options, straight leg is going to be the best classic approach to add to your wardrobe. It’s an incredibly versatile style and while it’s trendy right now it’s also a classic silhouette that stands the test of time.

Big Bum

If you have a bigger bum, straight leg jeans are one of the best leg shapes to make your bum look good and balance out your body shape.

Unlike the skinny jeans which cling to your hips, straight leg jeans just skims your body, which is exactly why they are favored by many women with wider hips.

Straight jeans of any color can create this balanced look for you, but if you want to the jeans that make you look slimmer, go with a pair of dark washed straight leg jeans.

Big Thighs

Having big thighs can make some of us feel self conscious. If that is you, straight leg jeans are one of the more flattering leg designs for your body shape!

The reason is straight leg jeans have more space in the thigh area. It may sound counter intuitive, but that is exactly why they are going to de-emphasize your thighs.

If you’ve been wearing skinny jeans for quite some time, like many women have, the idea of straight leg denim can be a bit overwhelming. Many women struggle understanding what exactly to wear with this looser fit denim.

The good news? Straight leg jeans are really easy to wear and style. Much easier than you may realize, in fact. Truthfully you can wear just about any style shoe with this type of denim.

Just like shoes, you can feel confident wearing just about any top combination you would wear with skinny jeans…with straight leg jeans. The point is – try not to over think styling this silhouette. It’s classic and timeless which allows for a lot of outfit combinations to be worn with them.

Petite Sizing Guide Short Girls under 5’4″ Must Read

I’m sure you already know you are petite and the best practice is to look for petite sizing. Regular sized clothing (also called Misses sizing by some designers or department stores) are made to fit women of average height (5’4 and above), thus will not fit petite sizes properly.  Petite clothing stores are made for women under 5’4″ and they are designed differently in order to fit short girls.

Because of our shorter height, petite women have some body traits in common. Generally speaking, petites tend to have shorter neck, and shorter limbs.

Now the question is do you really understand petite size chart?  How are petite sizes different from regular sizes? I have summarized the key points in this video, but be sure to read the full article after you watch it in order to get all the details.

First things first, one important clarification is petite does not mean size 0 or skinny.  Petite sizing in general is really just referring to the height, and not the weight.   Petite women could be skinny or curvy, and could have different petite body type . Regardless the specific body type, petite women under 5’4″ could all use the information below on petite sizing.


Most petite women have shorter torso, but that is not absolute.  How do you know if you have long or short torso?   Measure these three distances.

First, measure the distance from your lowest rib to the top of your hip bone.

Second, measure the distance of knee to ankle, i.e. from your ankle bone up to the side of your leg to knee.

Last, you should measure knee to hip, i.e. stand up and measure from the point on your side where your leg lifts from the side of your body to your knee.

Is your rib to hip under 2” ?  Is the length from knee to ankle is greater than (or equal to) the length of knee to hip? If so, you have short torso.  Most petite sizing have taken into account short torso in order to fit petite women better.  Since it is hard to alter the torso (body) of a piece of garment, we suggest you pick out the right one from the onset, i.e. shop in petite department.

Another issue that may not be as obvious is short torso may make it unflattering or even challenging to wear certain styles.  Have you ever noticed some dresses’ straps keep falling off?  That is probably because the dress is cut for normal torso women, thus the straps are too long for you. The reason could be your torso is short or your shoulders are narrow, which we will talk about later in this post.  The solution is to wear petite dresses with stretchy material thus the shoulders or shoulder straps can adjust according to your body frame.


Petite women tend to have shorter arms, thus sleeve length should adjust accordingly.  The right way to measure your sleeve length is to place one end of the measure tape at the top of the center back, let it run over your should and hang down to your hand.  You should measure from your shoulder to just before the wrist bone.  Make sure you are bending your elbow when measuring yourself, which is hard to do and you are better off with a friend’s help. Note that this measure is always the full length of your arm.   Keep in mind finished pattern measurement for sleeve length will be impacted by the height of sleeve cap, so it is likely that finished sleeve length will be shorter than the body measurement.  For American designers, petite sizing sleeve length could be 0.5 to 2.5 inches shorter than regular sizing.

Take Banana Republic for example, petite sizing for tops or sweaters has sleeve length ranging from 30” (XSP) to 32” (LP), compared with 30.5 inches (XXS) to 34.5 inches (XL) for regular sizing.  On the other hand, the style of the clothing can also affect the sleeve length of your choice.  For blazer, jacket or coat, the best advice for petite women is to have your sleeves end right around the wrist, which will give you the best tailored and fitted look.  For sweaters or blouses, on the other hand, you have many choices.

If you like the look of a cozy and slouch sweater in the winter, then you may prefer sleeves 1 to 1.5 inches longer than your normal sleeve length so that your sleeves may cover half of your palm.  If you happen to love a knit top with really long sleeves, then rolling them up could also look good.  In the summer or the transitioning weather in the fall,  ¾ sleeve is a smart choice, which is a few inches shorter than your usual length.


Most petite women have narrower shoulders.  If you want to know your exact shoulder width, you probably need a friend’s help to do this one so that you can stand with your shoulders relaxed.  Locate the correct shoulder points and measure across the front of your body.  If your shoulder width is under 13.5 inches, you are classified as petite.

A well fitted shoulder length will make a whole world of difference for your blazers or coats, and the best way to find the right shoulder width is to shop in petite department.  Otherwise it is quite costly to send it to tailor in order to change the construction of shoulder and make it fit your petite frame.

For sweaters or blouses, there is many variations of shoulder width you can choose from, depending on the style you like.  Off the shoulder style or cold shoulder style have been very popular in the past several years, and they seem to have stayed in our wardrobe as a classic staple instead of a short lived fad.  They are universally flattering, and they are especially great for petite girls with narrow shoulders. With off the shoulder or cold shoulder style, you do not have to worry if your shoulder width is hitting the right spot.  In addition, because these styles show certain amount of skin, they are very flattering for petite women.


Inseam is the length of the inner leg, from the top of the thigh to the ankle. Whether you are looking for petite jeans, petite pants, or petite jumpsuit, the right Inseam length plays a critical role in whether they fit you or not.

Most petite women need to wear shorter inseam, but there are also petite girls blessed with longer legs, even though they are under 5’4’’.  To find out your exact inseam length, you should pick out an existing pair of pants or jeans that fit you well and take the measurement.  You should stretch the tape down the pants till you reach the bottom of the inside of one leg, where it touches the ground.  The measurement from the crotch of the pants to the hem is your inseam length.  Petite-size pants have inseam up to 2 inches shorter than regular women’s sizes.

Now, you might be wondering if your inseam is fixed, just like your bra size.  That is only true to a degree, as the answer largely depends on what style of pants you are looking for.  Pants have different rises and leg length.  In general, high rise or high-waisted style are more flattering to petite women, as they elongate your legs.  The rise of the pants, however, should not affect your choice of inseam. Whether you are wearing high rise jeans or low rise jeans, your inseam might be the same.

What does affect your inseam is the style of leg length.  Are you looking for a full length look or a cropped look?  If you are looking to get a pair of tailor pants, it probably makes sense to go with full length, i.e. the hem of your pants might need to be closer to the ground.  In that case, you may want to add one inch or so to your regular inseam.

On the other hand, if you like the look of cropped pants, then you might even subtract one or half inch of your regular inseam in order for your hem to end right around your ankle.  In addition, the height of your heels also matter.  If you are mostly wearing high heels, then your inseam could be half inch or one inch longer than when you wear flats.

In the last decade, as all the department stores have either axed out or cut down significantly their petite department stores, it has been frustrating for petite women to find the petite sizing that fits them properly, especially the bottoms with the correct length.  Some petite girls have turned to regular size department to look for cropped pants and wear them as regular length pants.

This may work for some, but not all.  For someone who needs inseam shorter than 26 inches, even cropped pants for regular size might be too long for them and needs tailoring.  Now, innovative shops such as Petite Dressing have realize the pain of petite women shopping for pants and offer petite jeans and leggings with inseam starting from 25.5 inches.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that defining petite sizing by height under 5’4″ is a common standard in fashion industry, but not absolute.  Human body has so many different variations there is many other factors that come into play to make someone appear to be taller or shorter than she actually is.  Some women could be over 5’4″ but still find petite sizing pants fit them better, if they have short legs and long torso.  There are also petite women well under 5’4″, but are blessed with longer legs and wear inseam of over 30 inches.

Petite body types are also important in determining what size you should wear.  Petite Dressing categorize 5 petite body types: petite apple, petite pear, petite inverted triangle, petite rectangle and petite hourglass.  If you want to know which one you are, take this petite body type quiz to find out.

Here is why body type matters in choosing the right petite sizing.  If you happen to be a petite inverted triangle or petite rectangle, you have prominent broad shoulders and athletic build and you may also have long arms.  In that case, even though you are under 5’4″ overall, you may find regular size jackets fit your upper body better.  You could still possibly find petite pants fit you better, if your inseam is under 30 inches.  Shopping in both regular and petite department is your best bet.

Needless to say, the best way to find out what size fits you better is to always try on more than one size and compare.

Beyond the petite sizing

You should also know that dressing for your petite body frame is more than just finding the right petite sizes.  Too often we hear about petite women complain they cannot find their sizes, and some of them believe if they shop at Ann Taylor petites then problem is solved.


Just that a dress is labeled petite sizing does not mean it will look good on you as it does on a tall girl.  Finding the right petite sizing is just the first step of dressing for your petite frame.  There is so many other factors that determine whether or not your clothes will look good on you, and one of the key petite styling tips is to create better proportion.  In addition, the silhouette, fabrics, and colors all matter.