A Guide To Know Plus Size Body Types 

A Guide To Know Plus Size Body Types

Are you confused about the body type you have? Here is a guide to knowing your plus size body types perfectly.

To dress well it is important to know what all looks will be good for your body. And to know that you first have to know your body type. It is a common mistake that considered all plus size bodies to be the same but it is not like that. There is much different body type that comes under plus size. It depends on the shape of the person or their weight gain pattern.

Usually, there is much confusion on how to know what is your exact body shape. In this article, we will let you know about the different patterns of weight gain, and different body types as well as how to know what is yours. You will get a clear concept of this and will be able to figure it out.

Different weight gain patterns

There are different weight gain patterns according to kibbe weight gain patterns that you should know to figure out your plus-size body. It’s an image identification system that evaluates your body on three main components: bone structure, flesh, and facial features. It evaluates your balance of rounded, and angular straight structure within each of these features. Here is a list of different patterns that are responsible for weight gain.

Different weight gain patterns

Natural weight gain pattern

These types of body weight gains are natural and can be due to many reasons. In women, it could be due to hormonal changes, pregnancy or post-pregnancy symptoms. They tend to gain weight in their lower body specifically in their hips, thighs, and buttocks. Extra weight accumulates in the pelvis, thighs, and buttocks due to female hormones. They tend to remain straight.

Dramatic weight gain 

In this type of weight gain, the excess weight tends to get stored down the waist. The hips and thigs gain weight and there is hardly any weight gain near the bustline. This type of weight gain results in a pear-shaped body.

Romantic weight gain

This type of weight gain makes people rounded throughout weight gain. It will create hourglass shapes in the body. There will be more gain in the upper arms, upper thighs, and face and making it look fleshy.

Gamine weight gain

This pattern of weight gain results in large bodies. It will gain weight in the hip and waist areas. It is very rare for weight gain to appear above the waist. Arms and thighs can get very soft with the face tend to become quite fleshy and soft.

Weight gain flamboyant pattern

In this pattern, the body tends to become more square. Excess weight usually collects from the waist down. Their arms and legs, waist, and hip area often become thicker.

Types of plus size bodies

There are many different types of body shapes but when talking about plus size, there are mainly four different plus size body shapes. They are pear shape body, hourglass, rectangle plus size body shape and apple shape.

Pear shape body

Pear type of body shape has narrow shoulders with a small bust. These pear shapes have a well-defined waist. They also have lower bodies wider than the upper ones with full hips and thighs and rounded bottoms. To style a pear shape, the goal should be to enhance the waist and arms. Adding volume to the shoulders will create a balanced silhouette while looking for a perfect style for your pear shape.

Pear shape body

You can wear V and U-shaped necklines. Tops with high-waist pants and skirts look cool on these women. You can also wear A-line dresses and sleeveless tops and blouses.  Pair your outfit with a statement necklace and a patterned scarf.

Hourglass body type

Weight gain patterns like romantic ones result in an hourglass body shape. They will have a full bust size with a well-defined narrow waist shape. It will provide a curvy shape decreasing the waist size. They will have proportionally balanced plus-sized body types with shoulders and hips. This hourglass plus size body type has a bust, waist, and hips in a 4:2:4 ratio.

Hourglass body type

To style this shape, You can highlight the natural curves and flaunt your well-defined hourglass waist. Dresses having sweetheart and v-necklines suit well for this size. You can also wear wrap tops and dresses. Any dress that highlights the cleavage can be a good choice for an hourglass body. Wear waist-defined tops and dresses and avoid high necklines for an hourglass shape.

Rectangle plus size body shape

Women with this plus size type have small to average busts with an undefined waist. They have straight hips and small bottom size. They do not have that much curvy shape. Rectangle shape has well-aligned shoulders and hips with the ratio of bust, waist, and hips being 3:3:3.

Rectangle plus size body shape

You can create the illusion of curves and a waist for this body shape. You can wear off-shoulder tops with skinny jeans to flaunt your leg shape. Skirts like pencil and tulip look great on these women. You can also wear hip-length jackets and blazers that gently shape your waist. Try to avoid wearing crop tops and baggy dresses.

Apple body shape

An apple or round shape body has average to big bust size. They have broad shoulders with narrow hips. Their bodies have fullness around the middle and less defined waist. This plus-size body shape can be styled by drawing attention to the legs and creating the illusion of a waist. Women with these body shapes can go for v and wide necklines. An empire-cut top with boot cut or straight-leg jeans looks good for an apple body shape.

Apple body shape 

You can avoid high-waist clothing and bodycon dresses. Style yourself with statement necklaces and shoulder bags. Dressing in a wrap dress can also be a good option for you.

How to know your body shape for plus size

To know this is easy you have to take a measurement tape and measure your bust, hip, waist and low hip. If you do not have measurement tape, you can buy it from Amazon. You can go to any body type calculator website and put your measurement. You will get your body measurement. 

Tips to choose dresses according to body shapes

  1. The first step is to conform to your body shape.
  2. There is something common to all plus size, you can look for these kinds of dresses to be in safe hands
  3. There is nothing wrong to experiment, you can even wear a dress that goes opposite your size to have a out of crowd style.
  4. Have confidence and create your style.

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