Plus Size Men’s Fashion – Styling Tips And Reference Pictures

Plus Size Men’s Fashion

Plus size men’s fashion is something that has been gaining attention in the past few years. Plus size men are struggling to find clothes that fit them properly and flatter their body type. The reason for this struggle is that clothing stores are catering towards the male population who wear small to medium sizes.

This section will be discussing two brands that design plus-size clothing for men: Alpha Male Clothing and Big Boy Clothing.

Alpha Male Clothing, based in London, was founded by designer Pia Yoon. They specialize in stylish clothing for big-sized guys with a focus on quality, comfort, and fit. Big Boy Clothing is located in Florida and was founded by two brothers who wanted to offer stylish clothes for bigger guys with a focus on fit and comfort without looking like “big boy”.

How to dress big and tall men

Dressing big and tall men can be a challenge. However, there are many ways to dress them and make them look good.

The best way to dress a big and tall man is to create a fabric and color palette that will suit their body type. The clothing should be tailored, light, and breezy while still giving enough coverage. The outfits should not be too tight or too short while wearing them while picking clothes of the right size for their height is important.

How to dress big and tall men

It can also help to get the right proportions of the clothing such as the length of the shirt, length of trousers etcetera in order to make sure that they fit properly on their body type.

There are some other guidelines that you need to keep in mind when you’re dressing for a big and tall person.

  • The waistbands need to be thinner because wider bands add weight and volume to the hips.
  • You need to use a belt with a longer length for better visual proportion.
  • You can make it work with a tighter fit, but there has to be no bunching or gapping in the back.
  • Avoid overdoing it with patterns or prints.
  • For shoes, flat shoes are best because they don’t add height and provide more comfort.

Casual dressers who are big or tall can face the problem of not being able to find clothing that fits them.

Big men often have to buy custom-made clothing, which is difficult because they are hard to find. And if you do find them, the prices are usually high.

Luckily, big and tall men can now take advantage of retail stores that specifically cater to their needs. They are designed with larger dressing rooms, clothes racks for longer stockings, and extra-long mirrors.

How to dress big and short men

First of all, you need to know about your body type. You can either be proportionately long or short. If you are proportionately long, then you should wear clothes that are long and leaner. For example, wearing a shirt with fitted jeans will elongate your body type. If you are proportionately short, then it is best to wear clothes that are wide and have length, for example, a shirt with slacks or trousers.

How to dress big and short men

If you have bigger arms it is usually best to lengthen the sleeves of the shirt so they don’t bunch up at the wrists or armpits. Wearing fitted clothes will also help draw attention away from the chest area if needed too.

Here we cover three simple tips that you can use when shopping for clothes for big and short men:

  • Make sure they’re proportionate.
  • Don’t forget about the length
  • Go with the classics

A common problem for shorter men is finding clothes that have a good fit. It’s important to find high-quality clothes that are designed to fit a big and short frame. In addition, it’s always good to look for clothes that have a looser fit, as tight clothes can make you appear even shorter than you already are.

Men who are taller than average may not realize that they can’t wear the same style of shirt or pants as someone with a shorter height because the size is different. Bigger people may also be tempted to show off their size by adding layers of clothing, but this leads to an “overly bulky”.

Plus Size Men’s T-shirts

If you’re like most people, you probably imagine something like this: a big, baggy t-shirt with a picture of a motorcycle on it and the words “Born to Ride.” It’s a look that definitely has its place in the world. But nothing beats the comfort of a long sleeve solid t-shirt with a loose fit.

Plus Size Men's T-shirts

Plus Size Men’s Polo Shirts

We want to see you looking fabulous and like the confident, stylish person you are. Whether you want a classic polo shirt for everyday wear or a summery, bright option for those hot days at the beach, you can pick anything from solid black to vibrant yellow or orange.

Plus Size Men's Polo Shirts

Plus Size Shirts For Men

Whether you’re looking for a casual shirt to wear on the weekends or want a more professional option for work, there are a lot of options to choose from. Make sure to choose subtle checkered patterns or small prints. When in doubt, pick solid colors and pair them with jeans or trousers.

Plus Size Shirts For Men

Plus Size Men’s Pants

Well, we recommend stocking a bunch of different pants in different styles and colors like a pair of light-washed denim, something sleek and comfortable like chinos and joggers, so you can pair them with different types of shirts. All of them work for you if you choose the right fit.

Plus Size Men's Pants

Plus Size Men’s Summer Fashion

Summer fashion is all about comfortable and airy clothing. This applies to plus size men as well! For plus size men’s summer fashion, pick half sleeve shirts with light and airy fabrics. Make sure to choose light colors and pair them with contrasting bottoms.

Plus Size Men's Summer Fashion

Men’s Plus Size Winter Jackets

Winter jackets are a staple for men of any body type. Plus size men should choose jackets with a hemline that matches the length of the shirt or t-shirt. Pick contrasting colors for a casual, balanced and proportionate look.

Men's Plus Size Winter Jackets


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