9 proven Tips For Longer legs

If you are wondering how to get longer legs, I’m about to tell you the easiest way to achieve that!

Getting longer legs might have been what you always wanted, but we all know after certain age our body stops growing.  Although there’s plenty of exercises that claim to make your legs longer, I personally have never tried those and don’t know how effective they are. Plus, it takes time and the results can vary by individuals.

The fastest, and most painless way, to get longer legs? Achieve that through what you wear! I am about to share with you some of the best styling tips to elongate your legs, and they will make a difference right away!

Before I start with the tips, I want you to realize that how
long your legs look is a relative thing.
No one is ever going to measure your legs! So, the only person who would
actually know the length of your legs is probably just yourself and perhaps
your tailor.

What then determine how long your legs look?

It is the proportion of your body. Generally, the shorter
your torso appears, the longer your legs will look.  Improving proportion  is the foundation of the styling tips I am
about to share with you.

I have summarized the tips in this video. I suggest you watch this video and then also read the full article for all the tips. Once you follow these tips, you proportion will look better which will naturally make your legs appear longer.

Now let’s dive right in.

To get longer legs, wear high waisted style

High waisted style is a heaven sent for
girls who want their legs to look longer.
Since I am 5’2” and I have longer rise and shorter legs, I have all
things high waisted in my wardrobe.

Because high waist design reaches higher
than your natural waist, they make your torso appear shorter and your legs look

Additionally, if you have a heavier mid
section, high waisted pants and jeans can help smooth it out for you nicely.

Whether it’s high waisted pants, jeans or skirts, they all serve the same purpose of elongating your legs.  So, make high waisted bottoms the staple of your closet!

Wear nude shoes

If you should only own one pair of shoes, that would have to be a pair of nude heels!  These are the most flattering shoes ever, for girls looking to make their legs look longer. I think the reason is quite obvious- they blend with the color of your skin, so they make your shoes look like the extension of your legs!

Wear same color shoes as your pants

When you match the color of shoes with color of your pants, you creat an unbroken vertical line in your bottom half. That immediately make your legs appear longer!

This is especially true in the winter, when you wear black leggings or jeans with black high hero boots. That is the most flattering outfit for women looking to elongate their legs.

Wear a crop jacket

Ok, I mentioned earlier there’s two ways to
change your proportion, and this tip is to focus on making your torso appear
shorter which also achieves the purpose of making your legs appear longer.

A crop jacket is the best top to visually
improve your proportion. Your  crop jacket
should reach above your hip bone, creating the illusion of shorter torso and
longer legs for petites.

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