Veil Lengths: Ultimate Guide

Are you a bride-to be?  Are you wondering if you should wear a wedding veil?  If yes, what kind of wedding veil are your best options? How long should the veil be?  What if you are petite (short), should that affect your choice of bridal veil?

These are some of the most searched items by the bride-to-be.  No bride, whether she is petite or not, can accept looking less than anything just absolutely perfect on her wedding day. The moment a woman decides to get married, she starts worrying about her wedding dress and wishes to look the very best on her big day. One of the most important things in a bride’ appearance on the wedding day, besides the bridal dress, of course, is the wedding veil.  A bridal veil adds quite a number of elegance points and a classy touch to the whole look.

While it is hard enough for short brides to find the prefect dress, it is not getting easier to pick out the right wedding veils.  One of the main reasons brides especially care about their choices of veils is that the options are overwhelming.  There are a whole lot of different kinds of bridal veils in the catalogs, depending on what kind of theme the wedding has, what season the wedding is taking place in, whether it’s a night wedding or daytime wedding, those suiting different kinds of face shapes, and the list goes on and on.

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If you are petite, you probably already know styling a short bride is not easy. Wedding gown itself is already quite elaborate with all the layers, fabrics, embellishments, laces and so on.  On top of that, there is wedding veil, jewelry, sash, and even more.  So, how do we make sure adding the veil will not overwhelm a petite bride?

There are many factors that a petite bride like you should keep in your mind and consider when it comes to choosing the right wedding veil for yourself so you have the perfect look on the final day of the wedding. That is why we have put together this post on all you need to know about wedding veils.

This guide right here goes out to all the women who are planning their big day, to give you a hand in choosing what kind of wedding veil would suit best for you, combined with your wedding dress. Some of the tips are applicable, regardless of the height of the bride.

We then do look at wedding veils through the lens of petite brides.   If you are a short brides in search for some tips and a little guidance on what kind of veil you should choose to go with your wedding dress, you have come to the right place, because this guide that we have brought together contains all that you need to know about best veils for short brides. So let’s unveil the secrets of the wedding veil![

Should you go for a Veil or not

Each bride is different and unique.  Opting for a wedding veil or not is a personal choice of the bride. However, if you cannot make up your mind on whether you want to add a bridal veil to your look or be the contemporary bride then there are a few points that can help you make the decision.

  • Go for a veil if you have quite a traditional themed wedding, specifically taking place in a church. Traditional wedding gowns also look great with a longer veil.
  • Do not opt for a wedding veil if you are not comfortable with it or you know you would not be able to handle it especially if you have an outdoor wedding. The wind can easily mess up veils.
  • Go for a veil if you want to add that blusher removing the part in your wedding ceremony. It adds a more traditional touch to the wedding.
  • Do not carry a bridal veil if you have a very fancy hairstyle with a lot of hair accessories or flowers. It will hide the little details of your hairstyles that you must have spent hours in achieving.
wedding veils for petite brides
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  • Put that veil on if you want to make a statement on your wedding because your wedding is the only occasion you get to sport a fancy veil. If you don’t want t miss that occasion, then definitely go for a veil.
  • Do not go for a veil, especially the long ones if it does not match your personal style. Your wedding is your big day and you do not have to be or look like someone else to look good. Be comfortable in your own style and be veil free if you wish to.
  • Wear the wedding veil if you have done your research thoroughly and have found the perfect headpiece to go for your wedding dress that will add to your beauty and confidence.

Whether you decide on wearing the veil or not, it is all about your looking and feeling beautiful on your big day. Make a wise decision that you will feel comfortable in.

Types of Wedding Veils


A birdcage veil usually ends at your forehead, sometimes goes down to your nose, and the elegant net design is what will give your bridal outfit a lively and playful touch.

Flyaway Veil

Ending at your shoulders, a flyaway veil is made from a material that’s a bit stiffer than usual wedding veil materials, resulting in a fluffed up look, hence the name “flyaway veil”.  They are approximately 20 inches long.

Shoulder Length Veil

When you want to add a veil to your wedding dress for that soft and traditional look but don’t want too much of it, then a shoulder-length veil is the perfect option.  These are about 18 inches long.

Elbow/Waist Length Veil

For those who like their veil to be prominent to add that traditional, flowy appearance to their bridal look, a waist-length veil is a great idea to ace that looks.  These are typically 26 to 28 inches long.

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Fingertip Veil

This type of veil gets the name “fingertip veil” because this veil flows down to touch the bride’s fingertips, which is measured to be approximately 36 to 38 inches. This style is popularly loved in traditional veil styles

Waltz/ Knee Length Veil

Extending to approximately 50 or in some cases 60 inches long and reaching the bride’s knees, this style of veils is also the veil of choice among those who prefer a nice and long traditional kind of bridal veil.  Wouldn’t it look amazing, swaying as you waltz with your partner on your wedding day?

Chapel/ Floor Length Veil

To go all out and have a gorgeously princess kind of look, it is best to opt for a floor-length veil that also goes by the name of “Chapel veil”. A chapel veil is a traditional type of veil common among Catholic brides. It is more like a headscarf, long or short, that drapes over your shoulders like a coat.  They are typically 80 inches long.

Cathedral Veil

Royal Veil

The royal veil is the biggest and the most ethereal one of them all, reaching a stunning length of over 120 inches and are best suited mainly for grand weddings.

cathedral veil for petite brides
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What you should Consider if you do Want a Veil

Choosing a veil that goes ideally well with your bridal dress is not easy. You have to go through lots of research and trials to find that perfect veil for you, which is not fun, trust us! If you have your mind all set to sporting a veil to your wedding, then there are a few factors to keep in mind while you start your hunt for the perfect veil for yourself. Here is what you need to consider while buying a veil for your big day.

Your hairstyle is one of the main factors that allows you to decide whether you should go for a veil or not.

As we mentioned earlier, if you have a fancier and more intricate hairstyle that is embellished with different hair accessories or flowers then wearing a veil to your wedding is not a good idea. It will hide the beauty of your hairstyle of can possibly weigh it down as well if you opt for a heavier veil.

However, if your hairstyle is rather simple then go for a veil to make your hair look a lot more interesting, and best suited for a bride.

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Your wedding dress

While there is no strict rule what veil should go with what style of wedding dress, your wedding dress still play a major role in determining factor of the best choice of veil for a petite bride.

For example, body-hugging dresses look amazing with longer veils while dresses with a puffier skirt go well smaller veils.

If you are going for a short wedding dress, then you probably do not want a veil longer than your elbow.  On the other hand, if your dress has a long train, then longer veils will likely enhance the elegant and traditional look better than a blusher veil.

The theme of the dress also acts as an important factor while choosing the veil. If your wedding dress a vintage theme the birdcage veil is the best option for you to go for.

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Shape of the Veil

Did you know that veils can be cut in different shapes and angles and they can make a big difference in terms of complimenting your bridal dress?  Veil shape could be one tier, two tiers or even three tiers.  It can fall more to the center back or spread out across the shoulder more.  You also have the choice of having them look thinner or look fuller.  You can taper in at the end, have waving sides or have straight sides and more.

Don’t underestimate what the shape can do to compliment your hair style and even the shape of your face.  If you can, have a conversation with the bridal salon you are going to and understand what works the best on you.  Try on as many as you need to with your wedding dress before you make the decision to purchase.

Is height a factor at all when deciding what veil works best for petite brides?

This is one of the most commonly debated questions, and is also the most often searched questions by shorter brides.

While there are plenty of blogs and wedding websites that advise you “yes, shorter brides look better in shorter veils”, my view is this is a personal preference thing.

I am 5’2″, for my wedding, I picked out an elbow length one tier veil.  The length is between the short blusher veil and the longer waist length veil, but I do not think that is the longest veil you should go with (as suggested by some websites).  I picked it just because I felt like that was the best length for my hair style.  I didn’t want it to be too short, because I had my long straight hair down.  Neither did I want it to be too long, because I had a trumpet style wedding dress without a train.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a 5’4″ bride look stunning in a wedding dress with a train, and to compliment that, a cathedral veil might be a totally perfect choice.

Most petite styling tips are about avoiding excessive layers and length because they run the risk of overwhelming short girls.  Why is veil different?

Because it is sheer.  Veil doesn’t really cover you like other fabrics would, so a few extra inches of veil is not necessarily a taboo for shorter brides.

wedding veil for petite brides

Below are some of the veils that have worked well for petite brides, but again, it largely depends on a lot of other things rather than your height.

Vintage themed weddings are all the rage and if you have also planned a vintage wedding then definitely go for a birdcage veil. These veil re made up of a stiff net which makes it perfect for outdoor weddings as well. This veil will not take the attention away from your legs while still help you make a statement with your headpiece.

Flyaway Veil

A flyaway veil screams bubbly and feminine. It is the best mid-length veil for a short girl as it will provide you with a nice amount of flow while still being shot enough to just reach your shoulders. It will also add a bit of volume around your shoulders if you have skinner’s bones.

Waist length veil

If you have a short height and still want to go for a longer veil, then opt for a waist-length veil as it will be long enough without hiding your legs. This veil might take a few inches from your look but it is better than a floor length veil.

After reading this guide on veils and tips on choosing the right veil according to what will suit you best, we are sure that you know a little more about veils than you did before. What is your view and your experience of what veils look good on petite brides?  We can’t wait to hear what you think. Please leave your comments below and share with other petite girls.

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