What to wear when you are plus size – Tips For Choosing Clothes For Plus size

What to wear when you are plus size – Tips For Choosing Clothes For Plus size

A plus-size body does not mean you must compromise your look. You can get a flawless look by highlighting your curves. But what to wear when you are plus size? To make it easy for you, here’s an article with a detailed explanation of different plus-size body types with pictures and suggestions for what to wear when you are plus-size.

Selecting an outfit for your plus-size body could be tricky and require patience. With a change in the mindset of today’s fashion industry, many brands are taking fashion for plus size seriously and coming forward with different fashion looks for them. While choosing the perfect dress for your body, you have to keep in mind which type of body you have. Let us first know about different plus-size body types.

what to wear when you are plus size

How to know your body shape type – Different plus-size body types

Broadly there are four types of plus size body shapes and it is extremely important to figure out which is yours to have the right idea about styling yourself. To get an approximate idea of what your body type is, stand still and look straight into the mirror, and assess what shape fits you the best based on the characteristics of each body type mentioned below.

  1. Rectangle: The shoulders, waist, and hips are approximately equal, forming a rectangle.
  2. Apple or Round: The size of the shoulders, hips, and waist are equal. However, women with round body shapes have big tummies.
  3. Hourglass: The width of the shoulders, and hips is almost similar. And the width of the waist is smaller than that of the shoulders and hips.
  4. Pear: As the name reveals, the width of the shoulders is comparatively smaller than that of the waist and hips.

How should I dress for my plus size body shape

If you are still unable to figure out your body shape, or if you wish to know it based on the exact measurements of your body, take a measuring tape and measure your bust, hip, waist, and lower hip and note them down. You can now go to any body type calculator website available on the internet and put in the values to know your body shape. 

How should I dress for my plus-size body shape?

People in the fashion industry these days sell the wrong idea to curvy women that an hourglass body type is considered the most beautiful body type that a woman can ever dream of. So, what about women with other body shapes?

Well, we say, fashion is human-made and we are capable of using it according to our body shape and convenience to uplift our confidence and be right on top of the game! In this section, you will get to know how to style different body shapes with a detailed emphasis on everything from necklines to accessories.

Tips to style a rectangle shape body

Tips to style a rectangle shape body

If you have a rectangular body shape, the main focus to look great should be on creating an illusion of clean curves with the clothes you wear. As you have lean arms and legs, you can flaunt them effortlessly. Here’s how you can style a rectangle shape body with different outfits:

  • Necklines: You can consider wearing open round necklines to flaunt your perfectly aligned shoulders. You can also choose casual off-shoulder outfits to accentuate your upper body.
  • Top wear: Tops or dresses with collars or ruffles will also add beauty to your overall look.
  • Bottom wear: You can pick anything from a pair of skinny jeans to pencil, A-line, or tulip skirts.
  • Accessories: Adding belts or simple jackets to the outfit will define your waist well.

Well defined necklines like square, cropped, and boxy tops, drop waist dresses, slouchy jackets and blazers are a few things that you should avoid to look great with a rectangular body type.

What to wear for a pear body type

What to wear for a pear body shape

In the case of a pear body shape, the shoulders are comparatively smaller. So, you need to focus on balancing the shape of the overall upper body and defining the waistline. Here is how you style a pear body shape:

  • Necklines: You can pick a variety of necklines that create an illusion on wider shoulders. Some of them are boat neck, off shoulders, V and U, deep square, etc.
  • Topwear: Pick something that adds some flare to your shoulder like tops with wide necklines and ruffle sleeves, blazers and jackets with shoulder pads, etc.
  • Bottom wear: For the bottom wear, consider wearing a pleated skirt or a leather knee-length skirt that does not accentuate your hips much.
  • Accessories: Well, the logic is quite simple. Add some extra shine and flare to your upper body and a little less or nearly zero to your lower body. Avoid glittery low waist belts, etc., and use scarves and shawls that look great on your upper body.

You need to avoid extremely heavy neck pieces that cover your shoulders, skinny high-waisted jeans, high-waisted trousers, etc. that may end up ruining your overall look by accentuating your hips.

How to dress for an hourglass body type

How to dress for an hourglass body type

Hourglass-shaped women have balanced curvy figures in a unique way. Having an hourglass figure is not the end of it. Carrying it effortlessly with the right kind of styling is important. Here is how to style an hourglass body type when you are plus size.

  • Necklines: You can choose medium-deep round necks, sweethearts, and V necks, which can compliment your smaller waist.
  • Topwear: Wear wrap tops, wrap dresses with side knots, tops with closed necklines, etc. to balance the focus on your overall body instead of your lean waist.
  • Bottomwear: Pick bottom wear with a mid-rise waistline like jeans, trousers, pencil skirts, etc.
  • Accessories: Wearing accessories like shoulder bags, simple belts, and chunky shoes will add beauty to your look.

Low-rise bottom wear, heavy and shiny waist belts, tops that flaunt your shoulders too much, and extremely fitting bodycon dresses are a few things you need to avoid.

How to dress plus-size with big belly or Round Body Type

How to dress plus size with big belly or Round Body Type

Women with round or apple body shapes have approximately equal widths of shoulders, hips, and waist. In this case, the target is to shift focus to either the upper or lower body in the right way. Here’s how to dress a round-shaped body.

  • Necklines: As you have a round body shape, pick geometric necklines like square, and deep V, to define your shoulders.
  • Topwear: Tops with an A-line fit will balance out the shape, and wrap tops and peplum tops will enhance your waistline.
  • Bottomwear: You can pick mid-rise jeans, skirts, wide-leg jeans, boot cuts, cargo pants, etc that can balance out your overall figure.
  • Accessories: Add some shine to your face with earrings, and neckpieces to look fab.
  • Body-hugging dresses, high waist bottom wear, boxy tops, chunky waistbelts, etc. are a few things to avoid.

We hope that this article on what to wear when you are plus size helped you to uplift your confidence levels with the right kind of information on various body types and styling tips for each one of them in detail.

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