What to Wear with White Boots (the Ultimate Guide)

White boots are very on trend, and they are a great option that is both functional and chic. Whether you are wearing white ankle boots or tall boots, they will have you looking so fashion forward in just a matter of minutes. Here are some of the best ideas on what to wear with white boots:

With skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are definitely a must-have, considering just how easy they are to wear and style. They suit all body shapes and women of all ages. They can be worn throughout the year and since they follow the shape of your leg, they are easy to wear with white boots during cooler months.

Samy (above) styled her skinny jeans with a white top, a white cardigan, and a pair of white boots.

Skinny jeans of any color will work with your white boots, but a monochromatic look works especially great to elongate your legs and make you look taller.

With a midi skirt

Midi skirts are classy wardrobe staple, considering their length. They are available in different styles and prints,  all that suit women of different shapes and sizes. They look great when styled with white boots and give you a chic fall outfit that could also work for winter.

Caitlin (above) styled her satin midi skirt with a white turtleneck and some white boots.

While a satin skirt adds a nice delicate touch to this white boots outfit, you can pick any other type of midi skirt to style with your white boots.

With a coat

What better combination on a cold day than that of a coat and a pair of stylish white boots? It’s a chic combination that works for different environments and would make you look like you’re ready for a high fashion event.

Marta (above) wore a long snakeskin coat with a pair of white boots. It’s a chic outfit that you could pull off easily, especially because the boots are plain. However, you can swap the printed coat with a plain one.

With a skater dress

Skater dresses are flattering on any body shape. The fact that they cinch you around the waist and flare from the waist downwards makes your waist look smaller and give you an illusion of the perfect figure.  You can wear a skater dress with a pair of white boots.

Giulia (above) styled her skater dress with a pair of knee-high boots. If your skater dress is a bit shorter on a colder day, you could always go for an even taller pair, that is thigh-high white boots.

With a pleated skirt

For an effortlessly feminine outfit, wear pleated skirt with your white boots.

Pleats skirts or accordion skirts are definitely a classic having been around for years. They are stylish regardless of the length you choose to go for, and will have you looking like such a lady. They can be worn with a variety of tops in colder times and will also look great with different footwear such as white boots.

Tina (above) styled her pleated skirt with a sweater and a pair of white boots. The white boots add a tougher touch to an otherwise very feminine look.

With some culottes

For a trendy yet comfortable look, wear white boots with culottes.

Culottes are one of the popular types of wide leg pants. These are great if you prefer a wider, more flowy pant option. They are probably one of the most comfortable and functional pants, because the wide leg shape provides a lot of freedom.

While it’s more common to wear them with some heels, sandals or even sneakers, white boots can also be worn with these pieces for a more interesting look.

Karen (above) styled her culottes with a simple blouse and a pair of white boots. If you go for a color as simple as black for the culottes, it becomes easier to pick up different patterns or top designs, since the boots are also in a simple white color.

With some leggings

You can dress up your leggings with a white pair of boots during colder seasons and wear a great top for an effortless casual look.

Leggings are some of the most comfortable bottoms you can wear. This explains why a lot of women own lots of them, because you can easily wear leggings instead of pajamas while lounging around.

If you are wondering what shoes to wear with leggings, white leg boots are definitely amongst the best options to elevate your outfit.

Emka (above) styled her leggings with some white boots, a top and a pink coat for a dressed up cold weather look. With leggings, you can also go for thigh high white boots.

With a shift dress

You can style your shift dress with a pair of white boots in cooler months.

Shift dresses are nice and free, very comfortable for women of any age. Since they are not so restrictive, they hide those stomach bulges that you might not exactly be a fan of, but in a way that’s stylish.

Roxana (above) wore an orange shift dress with a pair of white boots and a hat.

Shift dresses come in different lengths that can be worn with white boots.  If it’s a bit colder outside, you could add a jacket over the dress.

With a midi dress

Midi dresses, just like midi skirts, give you a look of class when you wear the right ones for your body. Printed midi dresses look amazing with white boots, especially if the boots are simple and plain. Alternatively, you can always go for a simpler, plain midi dress.

Christina (above) styled her leopard print midi dress with a white pair of boots. Your midi dress can be flared, or straight for this combination, so it’s all a matter of preference.

With a sweater dress

Sweater dresses are great during the colder months, since they keep you warm. They are also good for styling and can give you a very fashion-forward look. Styling your sweater dress with a pair of white boots, for example is a great way to dress up an otherwise very simple sweater dress outfit. The boots make it look like you put in more thought into what you’re wearing but in an effortless way.

Karin (above) wore a grey sweater dress with some white boots. It’s a combination that works for different environments depending on the type of sweater dress you go for.

With a pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are some of the best silhouettes out there for women of different shapes, sizes and even ages. They make for the best office wear, but you can also wear your pencil skirt in a more casual way. Since they are highly versatile, they can be styled differently in different seasons, and go great with white boots in colder months.

Sidney (above) styled her pencil skirt with a tank and some white boots. It’s a great look for early fall.

If it gets colder, you can always add a jacket or a heavy coat to stay warm, as they will still look great with your pencil skirt outfit.

With a button-down dress

For a polished look for a dressier occasion, wear white boots with a button-down dress.

A button-down dress always looks so stylish, as the buttons act as extra decoration or embellishments for the dress. A knee-length button-down is a classy one to go for, especially if it’s fitted.

This outfit could make you office ready or ready for any other formal environment. These dresses also look great when styled with white boots. They allow you to change from just wearing heels and stilettos.

Karen (above) styled her knee-length button-down dress with a pair of white boots.  The dress can also work with more pointed heels.

With a maxi dress

The best way to utilized your maxi dress for the colder months is to wear them with white boots.

If you think maxis are excellent for summers, you’re absolutely right. They’re nice, flowy, and comfortable, perfect for such heat. However, they can be transitioned into the fall or even winter by wearing them with some boots too.

Flavia (above) styled her maxi dress with a pair of white boots and a leather jacket. Usually, the boots will keep you warm but it’s advisable to layer a cropped jacket over the maxi dress.

With a matching set

A great idea is to wear your matching set with white boots, especially if it’s a skirt set or one with skinny pants.

A matching set is the best way to go if you’re in a rush but still want to be all dressed up. Matching sets can be edgy or classy, depending on the look you want for the day. You don’t have to think too hard about what to wear with a matching set.

Styleiconandmore (above) styled her tweed matching set with some white boots, an outfit that guarantees you warmth while keeping you looking stylish.

With a trench coat

Pairing a longer trench coat in particular with some white boots gives you a fashion forward fall or winter look that you will absolutely love.

A trench coat is ever so stylish and classic. The best thing about it is that while it keeps you looking great, you will also feel warm in one.

With joggers

To elevate a casual jogger outfit, wear them with white boots.

Joggers, just like leggings, are great for lounging around, but they can be worn outdoors as well with the right pieces. The shoes you wear with joggers could transform your outfit from a very casual one to a quite dressed up look. White boots, in particular, are great for this as they will make your joggers look much more polished.

Monica (above) wore a plaid pair of joggers with some white boots and a white sweater. It’s a minimalist combination that easily gives you that relatable appearance and is comfortable especially for a full day of running errands.

With shorts

Wearing white boots with shorts can transition a summer piece well into the fall.

Shorts are a great way to show off your legs, and it is natural to think they are mostly great for warmer months. You can wear them when it’s colder too with a pair of boots to keep your legs warm. White boots are a great option and alternative to the blacks, considering white goes with several colors and styles.

January (above) wore her black shorts with a white top, a blazer, and then finished off her outfit with a pair of white knee-high boots.

You can always wear a pair of tights underneath the shorts for some extra warmth.

With a slip dress

You can style your slip dresses with some white boots on the cooler days.

Slip dresses are delicate and comfortable. They are so feminine, great especially when it’s warmer outside. With some great layering, they work even for cooler days.

Mary (above) wore her slip dress with a denim jacket and finished the look off with a pair of white boots. It’s another combination that allows you to wear something edgy with something that’s more feminine.

With a leather skirt

A leather skirt is certainly a great piece to have, considering leather is both classic and timeless. Leather skirts can go with just about anything you can think of. They come in different colors that look great when worn with some white boots.

Erin (above) styled her brown leather skirt with a white sweater and a white pair of boots. It’s an easy dressed up look for fall.

You can always go for a shorter leather skirt if your boots are taller.

With leather pants

Still on leather, if you’re not that into skirts then some leather pants will probably do for you. Leather pants don’t always have to be fitted or in black, as they come in different designs.  Leather pants can also be styled with some white boots just like a leather skirt.

Natyvaluskova (above) styled a pair of off white leather pants with everything else white. She finished the look with some white boots. You don’t have to go all monochromatic with your look like she did as different shades of leather look amazing with white boots.

As you can see from these 20 looks, white boots are great to have as they are highly versatile. They add an edgy touch to any outfit you can think of but in a more feminine way compared to the common black boots or even brown. Invest in one or a few pairs of white boots and then try out any of these combinations. You’ll enjoy playing dress up with them.

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